Democrats Re-Unite Over Hillary’s Victory To Trash Trump

3 days ago Hillary Clinton made history as the first female in United States’ history to become the presumptive democratic candidate.

She will be remembered for being a couple of firsts in the nation’s political history. Top democrats have endorsed her.

It was signed sealed and delivered on 7th June when the democratic party finally endorsed Hillary over Bernie Sanders. Before now the party was divided over who should represent the party.

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Unwilling to accept his defeat, Bernie refused to quit the race. He said he would fight on.

On the other hand, Hillary enjoyed her first step to victory in what could be referred to as a moment of boundless joy. However the democratic fighter have not lost sight of the battle ahead with Trump.


As the presumptive democratic candidate, Hillary understood how important it will be for Democrats to Unite and fight the battle as one. She said it is a priority for the party to defeat Trump as one not in fractions.

In a recently released video, she solicited for the loyalty of Bernie supporters in order to win the race. Little did she know a positive surprise was still by her door step. The Obama touch came into the scene.

After her victory on Tuesday, Barack Obama congratulated Hillary. He also reached out to Bernie to propose a stop to his insistence to continue running for president despite not being endorsed by the party.

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Obama seemed to have the magic word as Bernie concurred to his appeal. CNN reports that Bernie Sanders has now vowed to support Hillary in the fight to make sure that Donald Trump “does not get anywhere near the White House.”

The incumbent United States’ president, Obama, has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. In his words,

“I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. I’m with her. I am fired up, and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary.”


Elizabeth Warren, a democrat and a United States’ senator has also endorsed Clinton. So Together with Obama and Bernie’s endorsement, Hillary could not possibly ask for more.

The Democrats have dramatically united to fight a common political rival, Donald Trump.