Desi Perkins – Ethnicity, Net Worth & Husband

YouTube is littered with videos of makeup tutorials by different people but if you are interested in learning how to do your makeup like a pro, there is just one person on that platform who you must follow. She is none other than Desi Perkins! She is a popular make-up artist, Instagram star, and vlogger.

Desi, who said she “fell” into makeup, is famous for her makeup skills and celebrity-inspired YouTube makeup tutorials which have earned her a huge number of fans and followers – over 3.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 3.7 million Instagram followers. Her makeup tutorials cover everything from how to achieve the perfect smokey eye to contouring your face to look like a Kardashian.

Desi Perkins Bio, Age and Ethnicity

The makeup mogul is an American national as she was born in California on March 3, 1987. She is of Spanish/Mexican ethnicity and is very proud to be a Latina. Desi has always had an eye for fashion and beauty from the time she was very young. While in college, studying to become a teacher, she practised makeup and gained experience which later led to her working as a freelance makeup artist.

It is interesting to note that Desi Perkins never planned to become a makeup artist but fate had it all laid out. Speaking of how it all started in one of her videos “20 Random Facts About Me“, Desi said her husband had no Halloween costumes one year and she had watched some special effects videos on YouTube so she decided to recreate one of them on him. Meanwhile, she had never done a special effect makeup before then.

The makeup turned out so nice that people started asking her if she does it for hire and although she didn’t, she gladly answered in the affirmative, not ready to throw away a golden opportunity. From then, people began to hire her for Halloween makeup and that marked the beginning of her career in an industry she never dreamt of earning from.

After a while, she decided to take her craft to social media, uploading various makeup tutorial videos and teaching her viewers how to create the looks of celebrities like Kim KardashianKylie JennerJennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

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In August 2013, her YouTube channel “Desi Perkins”, was created and she posted her first video titled Soft Warm Sultry Eye Tutorial. Among her most viewed videos are her Eyebrow Tutorial which garnered more than 10 million views and a collaboration with her husband, Husband Does My Makeup. Desi became popular after she joined YouTube but before then she was on Instagram.

Desi Perkins eventually grew to become one of the beauty influencers in the industry and now, even some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, seek her opinion and services. They both worked together to promote Kim’s KKW Beauty line and went even as far as doing a makeup video where they used their makeup products on each other. The video gave a major boost to Desi’s career and has so far been viewed by over 8.1 million people.

The makeup star once worked as a stylist for Generation Beauty Conference, New York and collaborates with her best friend and fellow YouTuber, Katy DeGroot (@lustrelux) for Dose of Colors.

Net Worth

Despite having no original intention of becoming a makeup artist, Desi Perkins has evolved into a beauty sensation through nothing other than hard work and dedication. She has posted a whole lot of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and Instagram, consequently earning a lot of money. Although her actual net worth is not known, different sources have said it is between $300,000 to $1 million and it keeps growing.

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Desi did not make all of her money from her videos, she earned a part of it from brand deals from cosmetic companies which she promotes on her social media platform. She also has a sunglasses line with Quay Australia.

Husband and Family Details

The Youtube makeup star, second of four children, was raised in a typical Latino household with her father (Spanish), mother (Mexico) and her three brothers – Michael, Marquis and Danny. She considers her family among the most important things in her life and maintains a strong bond with her cultural roots.

Even Though she is inspired by different things, Desi Perkins says that her father is her major source of inspiration. According to her, she really admires him because he has this gift of not stressing or worrying and basically not taking pointless actions. Desi hopes to be like her dad and never doubt herself. “I’m working on it,” she says.

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Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins and her husband image source

Desi got married to Steven Perkins in 2012 and took his last name afterward. Steven is a former student at Santa Ana College and was part of the school’s baseball team. He also studied graphic design at Norco College and did a one-year course in music, business, and marketing at Riverside City College.

The young man worked for SIGELEI Technology Co., Ltd as a graphic designer and photographer. Before then, he worked as a DJ and promoter at LURE Nightclub and Ohm Nightclub, both in Los Angeles, California.

Steven is very supportive of his wife’s career and has appeared on some of her videos. Apart from supporting Desi in her career, he is also very much involved in it. He is the brain behind the technical aspect of Desi’s videos while Desi takes care of the creative side. As a matter of fact, Steven is the one who films the makeup sessions and also edit the recorded videos before they are posted on Desi’s channels until some years later when Desi started to edit the videos after she taught herself to do it.

Having watched his wife do her makeup, Steven has picked up some makeup skills which he showed off in the video Husband Does My Makeup where he is seen doing his Desi’s makeup. Even though he is no match for his wife when it comes to makeup, he has become just as popular as she is with over 213K Instagram followers.

Steven still runs a graphic design business but according to him, it is probably 20 percent graphic design now and 80 percent with Desi just because it has really taken off and it is really beneficial for both of them.

As perfect as Desi and Steven’s lives look together, they still have their share of life’s challenges, including suffering a miscarriage and not being able to have kids since then. That notwithstanding, they still love each other and even run a YouTube channel called The Perkins.

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