If you leave the office angry everyday, something is not quite right. Although no one feels constantly joyous when sitting at a desk for hours on end, there are ways to ease that time period and come out of the day smiling. Reasons for your unhappiness at work have varied depths, there are however some basic things that you can do to make the office more friendly to your mood. Today, we focus on some desk essentials that are nice to have on hand to avoid irritation or stress;

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An Office Cardigan: To alleviate the oppressive heat these days, most offices have their air conditioners on at full blast and depending on how you relate to cold, this can become unbearable to seat through. Having a cardigan on hand will help you to deal with this and work effectively. On the other hand, it is possible that heat is the problem and in that case, well sorry.

Desk Essentials

Headphones: When you really need to concentrate, headphones are a life saver. You can play really slow music, without lyrics when your thoughts are all over the place and you need to be focused. It is bound to have a calming effect. Also when you have a break, you can watch that really funny video that you were linked too without disturbing your colleagues.

A Bottle Of Water:  A healthy person should consume 8 to 9 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and when you are caught up with work, you may forget this fact, but keeping a bottle or glass of water on hand is sure to help you remember this need.

Healthy Snacks: Getting hungry or just needing something to chew while working is a common place occurrence. The snacks you choose should be healthy because healthy food keeps your mind sharp and is just better for you in the long run.


Tissues and Hand Sanitizer: This will help a lot if you catch a cold or if you need to eat food at your desk. It will also help keep your surroundings sanitary and as such ensure you do not come down with something.

First Aid Supplies: This should be tailored to your own health needs, but pain killers are probably the most generic of the lot. Be prepared for any eventuality at work and of these desk essentials, this will ensure you do not have to suffer through the day.

A Spare Phone Charger or Phone Battery: If you use your phone for longer hours than it can last for, have a spare phone charger or battery in the office and avoid discharging all your battery power.

So that is all for our own list of desk essentials, you can add anything that you absolutely cannot do without in the office.

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