Desmond Elliot Has Twins With His Wife Victoria Elliot – Glimpse Into His Family

Desmond Elliot and his wife Victoria Elliot are parents to two sets of twins – Desmond & Denzel and Donald & Dawna.

Desmond Elliot is an actor turned movie director and producer. The Nollywood veteran, who has starred in over 200 Nollywood movies and soap operas and has earned quite a number of awards for his performances, has in recent times joined politics. In 2015, he contested and won a seat in the Lagos state house of Assembly, representing the Surulere constituency.

Before he ventured into politics, not many people knew his ethnicity or state of origin due to his non-ethnic name. But the moment Desmond Elliot declared his intentions to run for office, it was revealed that he was born into a multi-ethnic family. His father is a Yoruba man from Lagos State in western Nigeria, while his mother is from Delta State in the south. His Yoruba name is Oluwashola. The actor has followed in his father’s footsteps to marry from a different tribe; his wife is a “Calabar” woman and they now have four children.

Desmond Elliot Has Been Married For 19 Years

Desmond Elliot has been married to his beautiful wife, Victoria, for 19 years. Their union is blessed with 4 children; three boys and one girl. Unlike most celebrities of his status, he has never been married or divorced although there have been reports of extramarital affairs.

Desmond and Victoria celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on the 26th of December, 2018. Based on these details, he was probably 29 years old when he got hitched. Their wedding is reported to have taken place in Akwa Ibom State.

Desmond and Victoria Elliot Met As Undergraduates

Victoria and Desmond Elliot both lived in Jos at some point in their lives as it is reported that they met in a fellowship in the city during their undergraduate days at the University of Jos. Desmond spent his formative years in Jos where he attended Airforce Primary school and St. John’s College for his secondary school education. Victoria, on the other hand, is only known to have attended the University of Jos. She had been working in the banking industry before she decided to join her husband in the film industry. She is presently a film distributor and is doing quite well in that regard.

Desmond began his career actively in 2002 when he starred in his first film, Jesu Mushin. Even though many people would like to believe that he was a famous actor when he married his wife, he was in fact still an upcoming actor at that time. He got married in the same year he graduated from the University but we do not know for sure how elaborate their wedding ceremony was. One thing we do know is that they are happily married and have stayed married to each other through thick and thin.

Sources have it that Desmond and Victoria dated for about 8 years before they eventually tied the knot so they have been together now for about 25 years.

The Couple Has Two Sets Of Twins

Desmond and Victoria Elliot have two sets of twins. The first set are named Desmond & Denzel while the second set are named Donald & Dawna. Desmond & Denzel were born about 4 years after their marriage. In an interview he granted, Desmond mentioned how he and his wife panicked for all the years they had to wait before they had their children. They even had to visit hospitals both in Nigeria and abroad but at the end of the day, they got to realize that it was all a matter of time and patience.

The second set of twins came about 3 years after their older siblings and Desmond took to social media to celebrate their 10th birthday on 16th September 2020. Desmond always takes advantage of social media to celebrate his children and wife, be it their birthday or wedding anniversary. His daughter Dawna has been featured in the media recently as the one who will take after her dad in the movie industry. Sources have it that she is being coached by her dad in acting and we are waiting eagerly for the unveiling of the adorable girl on our screens soon.

Desmond Elliot Cheating Allegations

There have been reports published on gossip blogs that claimed Desmond Elliot was having an affair with one Halima Warde Laraba Rammal, who is said to be the elder sister of Sophie Alakija, one of Nigeria’s fastest rising TV stars. These allegations came up soon after Desmond called the Nigerian youth “children” during the #EndSARS movement. The gossip blog went further to accuse him of having a baby with Halima and to crown it all, Halima was seen pleading with the blogger to take the post down. There were screenshots of conversations between Halima and the blogger where she promised to speak to Desmond. She also defended him (Desmond), telling the blogger that he is with the youth.

Apart from Halima, there was another accusation that he was having an affair with a lady known as Dr. Anu – a cosmetic surgeon referred to by many as a quack surgeon due to the numerous botched surgeries she has done. Dr. Anu has since been suspended from practicing medicine in Nigeria. The blogger was of the opinion that Desmond’s wife did not know about his extramarital escapades and she took it upon herself to expose him publicly.

Besides these two, there came yet another allegation that he was having an affair with Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson. The blogger even alleged that Desmond’s wife busted them in a hotel room in Lagos. Lydia, however, took to her social media page to debunk the allegations, asking people to stop dragging her name and that of the “innocent man” in the mud.

Barely a couple of months after these public revelations, Desmond surprised his social media spectators by keeping mute on the matter and even turning off the comments section of his social media handle. He then broke the silence by posting lovely pictures of himself and his wife. This singular action has left the general public confused as some have speculated that Victoria has walked out of the marriage due to the cheating allegations. Others, on the other hand, are convinced that all is well in the Elliot household since the couple has been spotted striking beautiful poses for the camera.

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