Details of Femi Otedola’s Marriage To Wife Nana and All The Children They Share

Femi Otedola is without a doubt one of the richest men in Nigeria. The businessman has successfully created wealth for himself and his family and as time has passed, with his children growing into talented individuals, more spotlight has been directed on the Otedolas. Nonetheless, this high-class, wealthy family has managed to shield themselves from the prying eyes and wagging tongues in the gossip mill. Howbeit, Otedola’s marriage has always courted media attention, especially because of the relationship drama he endured before settling down in matrimony.

Where Does Femi Otedola’s Wife Nana Hail From?

There have been a number of questions about the geographical origins of Femi Otedola’s wife, Nana, with people speculating that she is not really a Nigerian. It is believed that she is of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent as she was born in the former and later married someone from Nigeria. Also, her unique features make her stand out as someone from a mixed background. Nevertheless, it has been established that Otedola’s wife was raised mostly in the United Kingdom where she still spends most of her time.

There is not a lot that is known about her family or what her childhood was like, but it is common knowledge that she hails from a family of affluence. Nana is also an entrepreneur like her husband and runs a dry cleaning enterprise among other business ventures.

How long Have they Been Married?

As already established, the Otedolas are people who keep their personal business out of the limelight, making it hard to know about the things going on in their lives. Aside from what they share on social media, getting them to talk in-depth about their family is pretty hard.

Otedola and his wife are believed to have been married for more than twenty years, but the exact date and location of their wedding are not known. He also passed through a troubled relationship before things settled down in his personal life. Notwithstanding the picture-perfect family we see, the Otedolas have passed through issues that would have threatened their family.

Scandals That Rocked Femi Otedola’s Marriage

With the amount of wealth he controls and his activities on social media as well, Otedola’s marriage to Nana has always come under public scrutiny. Regardless of their best efforts to keep their private lives very private, the Otedolas have been on the receiving end of a few scandals. In 2018, it came to be known that their marriage was breaking up. The news that circulated suggested that the problem in their union started as a result of Nana’s infidelity. The rumor stated that she was having an affair with Toyin Subair, the owner of the now-defunct satellite TV provider, HiTV. Like most rumors about high-profile personalities, the story turned out to be a lie.

The alleged cheating scandal was not the first time Femi Otedola’s marriage to Nana was rocked. A few months prior to the rumors that targetted his wife, Otedola had also dealt with his own share of scandal. Two Canadian sisters who worked as escorts had tried to blackmail him by threatening to tell his wife of the relationship that existed between one of them and the billionaire. The allegations emerged in 2016 but the sisters – Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo claimed to have known Otedola since 2008 when they finished their college education. They insinuated that one of them had an affair with the billionaire and threatened to go to a sex scandal website with video evidence if he doesn’t meet their demands. The matter gradually fazed out without further clarification.

How Many Children Does Otedola Have With His Wife?

The union between Femi and Nana Otedola has not been a bed of roses but it has endured and raised a healthy family. Femi and Nana have three children together, daughters -Florence Ifeoluwa, Elizabeth Temi, and a son named Fewa. Here is more information on the lives of their children.

Their First Child, Florence Ifeoluwa is a Popular Celebrity in Nigeria

Florence Ifeoluwa, popularly known as DJ Cuppy is the first child of Femi and Nana Otedola. She was born on the 11th of November, 1992, in Lagos, Nigeria. Part of her childhood was spent in Nigeria and for her primary school education, she went to the popular Grange School in Ikeja before relocating to the United Kingdom.

In 2014, she graduated with a degree in Business and Economics from King’s College London, and by the next year, she had gotten a Master’s degree in Music Business from New York University.

DJ Cuppy, as her alias goes, now works as a DJ and is one of the popular in the country. She is also an ambassador for a number of brands, most notably, Pepsi. She also holds the position of a tourism ambassador for Nigeria.

The Second Child, Temi Otedola is a Fashion Icon

It is not known if Temi Otedola was born in Nigeria or not, but just like her elder sister, she also received her education abroad. She went to boarding school in Kent and for her university degree, she went to the University College London where she studied History of Art.

Temi Otedola has shown that she loves fashion and is interested in becoming a fashion icon. However, in 2020, she had her acting debut in the Netflix film, Citation. Who knows, she might be building a career in the film industry as well.

Fewa Otedola

Fewa is the only son and the last child born to the billionaire and his birth record shows he was born on March 20, 1996. Aside from a few public appearances with his father, especially on social media, nothing much is known about Fewa in terms of his career choice.

Otedola Had a Child With Another Woman

While Femi Otedola has three children with his wife, he is actually a father of four. His first child, Tolani was born in 1986 and is the product of a relationship that her father had with a woman called Olayinka Odukoya. She was born in Lagos and lived her earliest years in Nigeria. By the time she was done with secondary school, Tolani moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.

Like her sisters, she also works in entertainment and has a budding career as a musician and songwriter. While she may not be as popular as DJ Cuppy, she is carving a niche for herself in the Nigerian music scene. Overall, Femi Otedola has proven to be a doting father to all his children and doesn’t spare anything in showering them with the good things of life.

The relationship between Temi’s parents was filled with challenges that saw the end of it. His parents allegedly stopped him from being with the mother of his first child.

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