Details of Tonto Dikeh’s Failed Marriage to Husband Churchill and The Son They Share

Tonto Dikeh’s failed marriage to Churchill is one that has attracted lots of buzz over the years. Moreover, the actress and her ex are fond of dragging each other on social media which has made them and their crashed matrimony a topic for media discussion for so long. Several years after the crash of their marriage, they still find time to throw shades at each other on social media, even though several of their mutual friends have spoken privately and publicly to the couple, advising them to bury the hatchet for the sake of their son.

As regards Tonto Dikeh’s failed marriage, the actress has made it clear that she has nothing to be ashamed of and will not keep quiet. She prefers to air her personal affairs in public without minding what people have to say about it. While the internet has been rife with nasty news headlines about the two, there used to be a time when Tonto and Churchill were enjoying a happy relationship.

Tonto Dikeh And Churchill Met In A Nightclub In Lagos

According to Churchill, they met at Escape Nightclub in Lagos on the 13th of February, 2014 during his brother’s birthday party. It was love at first encounter for the duo and they soon began to date. Three months into their relationship, she got pregnant which was the first pointer that their relationship was somewhat in a fast lane.

Churchill who had a business in Ghana before he started dating Tonto had to make out time to visit Nigeria often, especially after her pregnancy news broke. They really worked together to keep their relationship from the public eye in the early stage. They had a glamorous traditional marriage ceremony at Tonto’s hometown Rumukani in Rumukwuta, Rivers State on the 29th of August 2015.

According to Churchill, he flew her to the United States for the birth of their son after which she went to London to stay with his family for a while before coming back to Nigeria. In anticipation of her arrival, he prepared a tastefully furnished apartment for them to live together. It was during their time of living together that their relationship finally went sour.

Tonto Dikehs failed marriage to Churchill
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What Really Went Wrong In Tonto Dikeh’s Failed Marriage To Churchill?

Having been apart most of the time at the beginning stage of their relationship, Tonto and her ex probably didn’t get the chance to know each other well. Cracks began to appear in their marriage after Tonto started suspecting Churchill of being involved in money ritual and Yahoo Yahoo.

As she didn’t have any evidence, she could not hold him responsible. She later revealed that she walked in on him in the midst of one of his rituals where he had a red wrapper around his waist with his laptop on his lap. According to Tonto, this was the first major fight they had in their marriage and things quickly went downhill from there.

There Were Several Social Media Fights Between Them Before The Union Crashed

They have had a very messy fight both on and off social media with allegations and counter-allegations, as well as several lawsuits. Tonto has revealed several things about their relationship, claiming she was duped, deceived, and cheated on by Churchill. Churchill, on the other hand, has responded to her that she is just being hateful and will stop at nothing to tarnish his image. Tonto accused him of being gay/bi-sexual and of domestic violence at some point, all of which he denied.

After living together for 6 months, they finally went their separate ways and Tonto Dikeh’s father returned her dowry to Churchill. This again led to a serious feud on social media as Tonto initially claimed that she paid her bride price by herself. Their relationship/marriage lasted roughly two years.

Churchill has refuted all of Tonto’s allegations over the years. According to him, she made up those things to discredit his philanthropic works.

In recent times, Churchill has slammed a 500-million-naira lawsuit on his ex-wife over her infamous May 2019 interview where she revealed sordid details about their relationship and marriage.

All About Their Child King Andre

Tonto had her baby in one of the best hospitals in the United States. He was born on the 17th of February 2016 and named King Andrea Omodayo Churchill. From all indications, motherhood changed Tonto’s life as she fiercely loves and protects her son.

The little lad makes several appearances on his mother’s social media accounts as she is often seen showering him with love. Notwithstanding, she seems to be protecting him from the spotlight as he is not a frequent feature in public. As such, not much can be said about his life so far.

There’s No Concrete Co-parenting Plan Between Tonto and Churchill

From her insinuations on social media, it appears that Churchill is not present in the life of King Andre as Tonto has referred to him as a deadbeat father and even goes ahead to celebrate herself for being father and mother to their son. Churchill, on the other hand, claimed in an interview which he granted to Guardian Newspaper that Tonto was never given full custody of their son by any court of law.

According to him, Andre’s passport should have been kept under lock and assessed with the consent of his parents but Tonto went behind to make him another passport with her own surname – Dikeh. He also reiterated that even though he was granted the opportunity to visit his son through a nanny, Tonto claims to date that he doesn’t have a nanny. From the look of things, there are no concrete co-parenting plans between the duo and it appears that Churchill hasn’t had access to his son in a long time.

Tonto Dikeh May Not Be Single At The Moment

Since her relationship with Churchill ended, there have been several speculations about who she might be in a relationship with but she has chosen not to share such details about who she is currently dating.

In April 2020, after she wished her followers ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ with a picture of herself in a hijab, one of her followers asked if she was a Muslim to which she replied that she wasn’t but her boyfriend is. This is the first time Tonto is owning up to being in a relationship since the crash of her marriage. She later disclosed in another interview that she met her boyfriend shortly after her marriage crashed. They became friends as he too had just lost his wife. She reveals that they have been together for a total of four years now. Even though we don’t know much about this Muslim boyfriend, Tonto is definitely not in the single ladies club.

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