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If there is one problem that mankind has not been able to solve, it is the question of mortality. Death has consequently robbed the world of several wonderful individuals amongst whom is Deven Davis. Davis was a former American model turned clothes designer and philanthropist. She was also better known as the wife of the popular rock star, and Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis. The couple was married for 12 years during which Davis battled with addiction and mental health issues. Both would eventually claim her life in 2018.

Deven Davis Biography

Deven Davis (birth name – Deven Augustine Schuette) was born on the 6th of April 1979 in Findlay, Ohio. There is not much information about her family background or early life. It is however known that her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Davis grew up in Ohio and completed her education there.

While growing up, she was naturally fashionable and so dreamt of becoming a model. She, however, bided her time until she finished high school and promptly signed up with the Ford Modelling Agency. Davis thereafter modelled for several high-end fashion brands before delving into the adult film industry. The Ohio native did only girl-on-girl scenes and appeared in the 1999 porn series Perfect Pink. Davis spent just a short period in the industry before deciding to become a full-time homemaker. She later resumed her career in the year 2006, becoming a partner at a Malibu boutique. Her experience in the fashion store inspired her to start her own clothing line known as Somber One. With the help of an artist, as well as her husband, Davis designed an impressive stylized shirt which sold out in minutes.

Deven Davis Husband and Kids

Deven Davis was married to Jonathan Davis. Jonathan is a native of Bakersfield, California and was born on the 18th of January 1971. He endured a tough childhood filled with abuse and bullying. Jonathan, however, found solace in his music and managed to complete his diploma. He thereafter trained to be an undertaker whilst pursuing his music aspirations. Jonathan Davis got his well-deserved breakthrough in 1993 when he joined the newly formed nu-metal band, Korn. The band would go on to popularise the nu-metal genre; releasing several platinum albums and selling millions of records worldwide. The band has also received numerous awards including two Grammys.

Deven Davis first met her future husband around 2000 or 2001. They subsequently commenced a relationship and tied the knot in Hawaii in 2004. The couple had two sons together. They are Pirate Howsmon Davis (born in March 2005) and Zeppelin Howsmon Davis (born in April 2007). Davis also has a stepson, Nathan Howsmon, from her husband’s previous marriage.

Deven Davis
Davis with her estranged husband, Jonathan Davis Image Source

Divorce and Death

Deven Davis and her husband largely enjoyed a blissful union and the only issues they had arose from substance abuse. Her husband had dabbled into illegal substances in the early days of the Korn. He, however, gave up recreational drugs and alcohol in 1998. Davis, on her own part, also struggled with addiction to prescription pills and illegal narcotics. She additionally had mental issues and had been to rehab up to six times, all to no avail.

Her state later forced her husband to file for divorce in 2016. The singer also asked for a domestic violence restraining order so as to protect his kids. He alleged that Davis frequently binged on painkillers and would often bring strangers into their home. He also alleged that there was a time he found her unconscious at home while her drug dealer cum boyfriend was equally passed out in the house. The courts granted the restraining order and the couple were still in the process of finalizing their divorce when Davis passed away.

Prior to her death, she had been in a sober house but went missing. Her body was later found after a week’s search. Deven Davis died on the 17th of August 2018 and her death was due to a lethal combination of five different drugs in her body. Her husband later released a statement saying that she was an amazing wife, mother, and friend when she was her true self.

Other Facts about Jonathan Davis Wife

– She had changed her last name to Davis before she married or even met her husband.

– Davis and her husband assisted their southern California community when it was hit by mudslides and raging fires.

– The Ohio native had a tattoo of a short German poem on her back. It was written for her by her husband.

– She reportedly restricted her porn film roles to girl-on-girl scenes due to her relationship with then-boyfriend, Jonathan Davis.

– The artwork on her T-shirts was inspired by her son’s chubby cheeks and curly hair.

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