Deven Hubbard – Bio, Facts, Family Life of The Basket Ball Player

Deven Hubbard may not be one of the most recognizable basketball players yet but his hard work and desire for greatness are expected to soon land him a spot beside the sports legends. Having established himself as one of the country’s top 2018 college basketball prospects, the uniquely gifted hybrid player is sure a star to watch out for. Find out lesser-known facts about the athlete who appears increasingly endearing to fans.

Deven Hubbard – Bio

A native of Georgia, Deven Hubbard was born on March 31, 1998. It is common knowledge that he has a younger brother and both sons were raised by a single mother. Hubbard’s academic records show that he was raised in his hometown. His sports inclinations were evident from an early age and he began training for professional play as a lad. Deven was part of the basketball team at Pebblebrook High School, Mableton where he played as a point guard. Hubbard’s stellar records on the court speak volumes for him and further established him as one of the country’s top 2018 college basketball prospects. He received offers to play for Columbia University and Princeton.

Deven Hubbard can boast of unique skills and an intensity only few can rival on the court. While he may not be your favourite athlete yet, the uniquely gifted and stringy basketball player has assiduously been striving to get the best of offers, and it is believed that he would soon be seen playing with legends. Hubbard is expected to be drafted into the NBA soon. Driven by a desire to be great, it is hoped that the top NBA prospect’s production and skill set will be worth his price tag when he eventually gets drafted into the league.

Family Life of The Basket Ball Player

There is a scarcity of information about Deven Hubbard’s family background and parents. As earlier mentioned, it is no secret that the athlete is not the only product from his mother’s womb. Deven has a younger brother and both sons were single-handedly raised in Georgia by their mother. Details about their father have not been made public knowledge.

Deven Hubbard and mom Madre
Deven Hubbard and mom Madre image source

Going by Hubbard’s social media posts, it is safe to say the basketball player shares a close bond with his mom who is simply identified as Madre. According to Deven, Madre who raised him as a single mother with no help remains his biggest motivation. The athlete unapologetically flaunts pictures of his mom on his Instagram page. Having sacrificed a lot for him while playing the father/mother role to the best of her ability, Hubbard considers Madre to be the strongest of all single mothers and has pledged to give her the world when he eventually makes it as a star.

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On the other hand, Deven Hubbard has not been romantically linked to anyone since he came into the limelight. Given the uncertainty of his relationship status, Hubbard is perhaps single and the only queen in his life at the moment remains his mother.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Modelling Prospect

Deven Hubbard began training to play professional basketball from an early age and his love for the game cannot be overstressed. While the multi-talented athlete is gunning to make a prolific career in the game of basketball, he also has strong prospects in the modeling industry. Deven is also famed for his high-class fashion taste. In some quarters, he is considered as one of the sexiest athletes on the planet, while some other fans regard him as the only basketball player in the country with so much sauce. In fact, the basket player turned socialite has not only caught the public’s attention but that of some top brands already.

Notably, he has landed modeling gigs with Atlanta’s Filthy Wealth clothing line. As shared on his Instagram page, Hubbard was also recently seen posing in an athletic-themed photoshoot specifically wearing Nike sports apparels. While it remains uncertain if the basketball player intends to take modeling seriously, Deven Hubbard fans have expressed hopes of seeing him in ad campaigns and editorials.

  • Height

Deven Hubbard has an alluring physique which has arguably established him as a good modelling prospect. The athlete towers at a height of 6 feet complemented by the weight of 73 kg.

  • Social Media

Deven Hubbard has a very active social media life. While he may not be present on all popular social networking sites, fans of the basketball player can connect with him on his Instagram account. On the photo-sharing platform where Hubbard has amassed a huge fanbase, he has documented his basketball journey and also endeared himself to many.

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