Devin McCourty Has 2 Kids With Wife Michelle Powell But Lost The 3rd Baby – Inside His Family

Devin McCourty is the New England Patriot’s free safety player who has remained committed to the club since he was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. One remarkable thing about the No. 32 chap is not just his skills on the field, but also his striking resemblance with his identical twin brother, Jason McCourty. He also doubles as a professional teammate at his current franchise, complementing themselves sometime in the same position of play.

His career and achievements in the NFL especially at the Patriots are of notable mention. The Nyack-born athlete holds his head high alongside his twin brother as the first set of twins to play in the Super Bowl together. For now, he seems to be having a great career life and in the same way, his young marriage to Michelle Powell doesn’t seem to be suffering for it. The two have been married since 2016 and a peek into their love life reveals that things are going great for them and their kids – despite some challenges they have faced.

The Couple Has Experienced Blessings And Loss In Terms of Kids

Devin McCourty and Michelle Powell have many blessings to count in their marriage so far. When it comes to kids, they have two; a daughter, named Londyn who was born on March 11, 2017, and a son Brayden Calvin who was born on April 29, 2018.

Unfortunately, they also suffered a tragedy as a family in 2020 after Michelle lost their third child, Mia. She was born eight months into the pregnancy – a few days after doctors did not find a heartbeat. Michelle gave birth weeks after she was due, but sadly enough, the baby was stillborn. Although the loss weighed heavily on the family, they revealed they were able to cope with the tragic event with the help of God whose help, according to Devin, was felt through the period. More so, the strength displayed by Michelle also helped the family to pass through the difficult times although it brought the New England Patriots man to tears.

McCourty and his family are known to be religious and living their lives as faithful Christians – and they try to raise their kids in the way of the Lord.

When Devin McCourty Met Michelle Powell, She Was In Another Relationship

Devin McCourty
Devin McCourty, Michelle, their kids; Londyn and Brayden Calvin

The love life of Devin McCourty and Michelle Powell took off when they were both students at Rutgers University. While the NBA star was with the school’s football team, the woman who would later be his better half was a pre-med student. Although he fell for her when they first met, she was already going out with someone else and so they remained very good friends for a number of years.

By the time she was in grad school and Devin was back to the university for offseason training, the previous relationship of the former had already ended and so they decided to start their thing together. Since by this time they were already friends for a long time, it became very easy for their relationship to blossom.

Michelle Zapata Powell is not just another woman in the life of an athlete, she is a family physician who was born on March 18, 1988, in Syosset, New Jersey to Jerome Powell and Carolina Powell.

They Had A Disney World Proposal Followed By A Marriage

Devin McCourty
Devin McCourty and his wife Michelle Powell (Image Source)

In June 2015 shortly after Michelle turned 28, the beautiful couple went on a family trip to Disney Land alongside Devin’s twin and his family. They were supposed to go and see the fireworks that evening but the traffic was much and with the monorail not working, they decided to find their way out using the ferry which was their only way out.

When they got to the Magic Kingdom, there were some Disney princesses, and it was at this time that Devin went on a knee; that was only the beginning of a fairytale proposal. The tour guide handed him a box with glass slippers which were for kids.

As she wanted to keep walking believing it was all a joke, he asked her to wait and see if it was going to fit. It was at this time that his brother’s daughter, Jason’s, handed him another box. Michelle Powell still had no idea what was happening, neither did she suspect anything until the cameras started flashing.

What became a better fairytale than the proposal was their wedding which took place at the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey on April 30th, 2016. The wedding had themes of New England Patriot and the medical profession symbolism. There were also elements of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle which captured the place of their engagement.

Devin McCourty Have Made It A Part Of His Family To Give

From the many successes of the family including in terms of finances (Devin has a net worth of $8 million), the NFL star and his wife have been involved in philanthropic activities. In 2013, he made a pledge of $100 for each of his tackles and $200 per interception to aid recovery following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Together with his brother, Devin has also been involved in the fight against sickle cell through the Embrace Kids Foundation after witnessing the devastating effect of the condition on their family members. They have also made a donation of $90,000 to students. They have also made many more charitable contributions to different bodies and courses.

A Look At The Family In Which He Was Raised

Devin McCourty was born on the 13th day of August 1987, in Nyack, New York City, to Phyllis and Calvin McCourty. Three years after his birth, his father died of a heart attack emanating from asthmatic complications. The older McCourty died when he was only 34.

Devin McCourty has a twin brother whose name is Jason McCourty and was born 27 minutes after him. They are not just identical, they both also play football, attended the same high school and college. Although Devin has attained much height in football when compared to his younger brother, both are successful.

Jason joined the Patriots and was part of the team that won Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019. They are quite identical and can hardly be differentiated. Like his brother Devin, Jason is also married with kids.

He was then raised by his sacrificial mother who is a nurse, alongside his twin brother. He attended St. Joseph’s High School in Montvale where he played cornerback and free safety and was an all-league selection in his two final seasons. He remarkably recorded 50 tackles and intercepted 3 plays as a senior.

He and his twin brother put in their best in sports so as to earn scholarships to college and relieve their mother some financial burden, a decision that paid off as Devin McCourty attended Rutgers University on scholarship and played for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team.

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