See What This 10-year Old Indian Boy Has In Common With Einstein & Hawkings

Dhruv Talati is just the regular 10 year old you walk across in the street. His IQ however is not that regular.

According to the world’s oldest and largest high-IQ society, Mensa, Dhruv is the world’s smartest kid at the moment. Last month the young boy took Mensa’s Cattell III B Paper and scored a shocking 162.

The test contained 150 questions which evaluate comprehension through text passages. According to Mensa, the maximum possible score for adults is 161. Remarkably, the brilliant chap scored more than that.

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“The test was not that difficult, but the time made it a challenge.”– Dhruv Talati.

Dhruv Talati’s 162 score surpasses the IQ score of the 2 smartest persons ever on the planet – Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Both individually have the score of 160.

The smart Indian boy resides in London and is a student of Fullwood Primary School in Barkingside. The cricket and tennis lover nurses the intention of becoming a robotics expert in the future.

It is worthy to note that Dhruv Talati is not the only kid in recent times whose IQ is more than Einsten’s and Hawking’s.

16-year old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is an example of such super-smart kids.

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry3

With a reported IQ of 199, Thessalonika ranks higher by a grand 30 points the IQ’s of world-renowned Stephen Hawking and Albert Einsten.

At the age of 11, she had started taking college courses at the College of Lake County; obtained her bachelor’s degree at 14 in Psychology from Thomas Edison in 2013; bagged a Master’s degree and moving on to a doctorate program at just 16 years.

Though not up to 160, we will not also forget Africa’s whiz teen with an IQ of 155.

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Wael Mahmoud is an Egyptian 14-year-old who lectures university graduates on an advanced master’s programming course -C++. He is currently employed as a technical analyst for Microsoft.

At the age of 3 this super smart Egyptian kid had already mastered the multiplication tables.With an IQ of 155, the rare genius obviously has a flair for mathematics and  science.