Diamond Ring Deal: Jamal Releases Whatsapp Evidence Against Grace Mugabe

The diamond ring deal saga continues with reported evidence that First Lady Grace Mugabe had indeed seized the properties despite her earlier denials.

The ring dealer, Jamal Ahmed, a Lebanese business tycoon who sold a diamond ring to First Lady Grace Mugabe has accused her of threatening him through Whatsapp.

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“I attach, hereto, as Annexure A1 threads of messages exchanged between the second respondent (Grace) and myself, where she goes by the moniker Rowesai Virimai,” the affidavit had read.

She had threatened to use illegal means to seize Jamal’s properties as well as prevent him from returning to Zimbabwe.

In his most recent affidavit, he attached a print-out of his acclaimed Whatsapp conversations with First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Excerpts of Grace’s messages read:

“Threaten as much as you want, the property is gone, you have to come to terms with that you can abuse me but you owe me, you won’t force me to wear that thing…

“So why worry abusing me, you know it, all it’s your house, why not come and live in it! You only talk about your property what about my money … Stupid. Don’t ever think you will enter this country again (sic).”

“Can you please stop writing me, I don’t want any communication with you from now please,” she wrote, accusing Jamal of being abusive.

However, he denied being abusive towards her stating that he only desired the release of his properties.

As seen on News Day, excerpts of Jamal’s responses were:

“It’s ok ma’am you are the First Lady in Zimbabwe and you rule.

“But one thing for sure, your $1m we don’t need. You can sure ask Dr Mhlanga and Rozana, I have never … safe if you change your mind, you can collect it from our office in Dubai.

“We are asking you to ask your people that break into our premises to leave my house. If any damages are done, we will have to let them pay for all.”

2 months ago, it was reported that three properties of Jamal were seized by Grace Mugabe and her son, Russell Goreraza.

However, the First Lady claimed she was falsely accused, adding that the properties were seized due to a police investigation. According to her, neither she nor her son, Russel Goreraza had been to the premises of the seized properties. Grace accused Jamal of wanting to taint her name.

Ahmed Jamal accused the Zimbabwe police of meddling in a “civil issue”.

“I have no doubt that the actions of the police are motivated by their misplaced loyalty to the first family in fragrant breach of their constitutional obligations and the rule of law as there is no law that permits them to occupy properties without some form of court sanction.”

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The diamond ring which was reportedly supposed to be a gift from President Mugabe to Grace as their 20th-anniversary was paid for, using the First Lady’s local account. In due course, she decided she no longer wanted it and sought a refund, but due to anti-money laundering laws as claimed by Ahmed, the money could not be refunded.