Everything You Should Know About Diane Macedo’s Career Success and Who Her Husband Is

A renowned television personality, Diane Macedo was ushered into the famous fold as a result of her current job at ABC News, where she works as a news anchor of two programs – “World News Now” and “America This Morning”. Macedo was serving as a weekend newscaster in WCBS TV but in 2016, she publicized her departure from the station. Unknown to many, she had already been offered a position at ABC News which she joined that same year.

Aside from being a journalist, Diane Macedo is also a musician. She is a member of a music band called Tribeca Rhythm and also sings with Mike Huckabee’s band, The Little Rockers, intermittently. Since her career made her popular, it has left many curious about different areas of her life; from her family background to her love life and what have you.

The Journalist of Portuguese Descent Began Her Career with Fox News Radio

The adept TV personality is of Portuguese descent, even though she was born in Mineola, New York, United States, on the 28th of February 1982. She was brought up in the Portuguese culture and tradition. As such, she speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. From what we gathered, her parents are immigrants from Minho, Portugal.

Macedo studied Political Science and Communication at Boston College. She also schooled at Universidade do Minho in Portugal. Before her professional career kicked off, she interned as an anchor and reporter for NewTV, this lasted for a year, from September 2003 to August 2004.

To the best of our knowledge, her professional career began with Fox News Radio and she worked for the media house as an affiliate coordinator from October 2005 to April 2008. Her work revolved around researching and providing editorial information for newscasts. In addition to that, she produced a one-minute “American Idol” twice a week and directed major radio row events. She also played a significant role in the launching of successful programs like “Instant 2-Way offerings”, Special 2-Way Offerings”, and “Expert of the Day”.

Diane Macedo Journeyed from Fox News Channel to Fox Business Network Before She Joined CBS New York

She left Fox News Radio in April 2008 and began working for Fox News Channel as a reporter and news editor. She worked with Fox News Channel for over three years and during that time, Macedo sourced, wrote, and edited news stories for Foxnews.com and Fox News Extra among other affiliates. Diane took on other responsibilities that range from supervising other news editors and hosting various programs. She moved on to Fox Business Network in May 2011 and held the position of an anchor and reporter until February 2014.

There, she made regular appearances as a guest on shows like “Huckabee”, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”, and “The Tom Sullivan Show”. She wrote and reported business stories for various Fox outlets, and anchored breaking news and news cut-ins for the “Imus in the Morning Show”. Given her participation in many of Fox TV programs, the beautiful journalist caught the attention of a wide audience and became a face Fox TV viewers won’t forget in many years to come.

While still at Fox News, Macedo served as a frequent panelist on the program Red Eye W/Greg Gutfeld. It was in March 2014 that she joined CBS New York where she continued to work as a reporter and anchor. She served as a fill-in anchor for various CBS 2 and WLNY news programs. Diane Macedo also got to work as a general assignment reporter in addition to covering breaking news. Notably, she anchored CBS 2 News Saturday Morning and CBS 2 News Sunday Morning.

She Now Serves ABC News as an Anchor and Correspondent

While she continues to work with CBS New York, Diane Macedo joined ABC News Network in April 2016. She was made the co-newscaster of two programs at ABC News, “America This Morning” and “World News Now”.

Sometimes, the reputable journalist features on “Good Morning America” during the weekends. She now serves as the correspondent for the show and “Nightline”.

Sometime in 2018, Macedo was rarely seen on World News Now and this has prompted so many questions about her whereabouts. The journalist would later explain that as a result of her pregnancy, she was rescheduled to be working as a news anchor on “ABC Live” and “Good Morning America”. She and her spouse were expecting their first child and she needed to adjust to the development. Things have since returned to how they were for the media personality, but only career-wise. Her personal life is definitely not what it used to be.

The Journalist Has Been Married to Thomas Morgan Since 2013

For reasons that are not far-fetched, many popular figures prefer to keep details of their personal life away from the public. Diane Macedo happens to belong to this category.

It is known that she is married and it is no secret that her husband’s name is Thomas Morgan. But apart from that, it is hard to tell anything about what the man does for a living, his family background, how he met the journalist, and whatnot.

Nevertheless, judging by what Diane shares online about Thomas, it wouldn’t be out of place for anyone to conclude that she has been enjoying a blissful union with the man who was once her boyfriend.

They Got Married in 2013 and their Union Has Been Blessed With a Son

Thomas Morgan proposed to Macedo in December 2012. According to her, Morgan’s proposal involved a mariachi band in a studio apartment. They didn’t waste time to become life partners as they got married the following year. They had one of the most celebrated marriage ceremonies in London. After the wedding, the couple took their friends and family along for their honeymoon.

the “buddymoon” lasted for one week and had them tour around Portugal in the company of their loved ones and friends. The TV personality and her husband welcomed their first child, a boy, sometime in November 2018.

Going through Diane’s Instagram page, it is clear she’s crazy about her son. She has flooded her pictures all over the platform; her fans have practically watched the baby grow online.


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