Meet The Ugandan Graduate Who Writes With His Leg- Didas Byaruhanga

25-year old Didas Byaruhanga has obtained a degree from the University of Kyambogo, Uganda. He received his diploma certificate during the graduation ceremony a month ago.

The Ugandan graduate was born physically challenged- armless. Regardless of his state, he has surprised a whole lot of people by braving an academic journey in a society where there are few of his kind around. Logically it should be intimidating but this bright and courageous young man paid more attention to his end goal of being in a tertiary institution.

“I will never let my disability get me down,”- Didas Byaruhanga.

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Didas has declared his intention to further his education studying law. Wow! If this resilience is not daunting enough, I wonder what is. He sure meant it when he said nothing will stop him from achieving the goals he has set for himself. Didas’ story is not exactly new. There has been a similar case of an armless pilot. Can you beat that?


Jessica Cox is the world’s first armless pilot. With a similar tenacity the Filipino-American embraced all of the challenges that came with her disability, and guess what? She conquered. Deliberately she stopped using her artificial arm and instead trained her legs and feet to do what the hands and arm should have done. She writes, drives and flies with her arm.

Just like this exceptional lady, Didas Byaruhanga might be physically armless but not mentally unarmed. He has done a serious work on his mindset- what to think and what not to think. Need I say that empowerment starts from the mind? Of course it does. It is incredibly refreshing to know that Didas and the likes of him did not resort to the pity show, probably depending on people’s alms.

Perhaps why fate designs it that we have such special people in our midst is to show the depth of human potentials and the other side of beauty. In a world that is crazy about perfection and quick fixes, Didas Byaruhanga’s story amongst others is a pointer that perfection like we want it is an illusion. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and endlessly wishing and hating oneself, loving life and making the best out of what he has been given, is a better option.

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