Dilma Rousseff

Yesterday, May 12, 2016, Brazil officially suspended President Dilma Rousseff as the senate votes for her impeachment.

President Rousseff is accused of “illegally manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014.”

By suspending her, she still retains her title as President of the country. In other words, as from now till December 2018, she remains the president but cannot however discharge her duties as such.

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In a bitter but relentless spirit, Dilma Rousseff gave a speech outside the Presidential Palace. She blatantly described the 180 days suspension by the senate as a plain coup attempt. The 68-year old says she is “a victim of injustice”.

She has no doubt that the entire suspension and impeachment rave is nothing but a legal cum political farce.

“When an elected president is suspended because of a crime she hasn’t committed, the name we give is not impeachment but a coup. I may have made mistakes but I did not commit any crime. The coup d’etat threatens to undo true victories of (the) last decade.”– Dilma Rousseff.

Dilma Rousseff is not exactly unfamiliar with political oppositions like this. In her much younger days she faced a lot of torture opposing a military government. The president in her speech expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve. She has made history as the first ever Brazilian female president. She promises to keep up a good fight.

“I have fought my entire life for democracy, I have had many victories. The struggle for democracy has no date and no deadline.”

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Controversies have sprung up on the suspension and pending impeachment. Some believe justice must be served while others believe the drive is more political than legal.

“What she is being accused of is something that many presidents have done in the past. But they didn’t do it when the country’s economy was in deep recession.”– Aljazeera.

In her place as the interim president is Vice president Michel Temer.