A Deep Look at Dina Eastwood’s Time With Clint Eastwood, Remarriage and Whereabouts

Being the spouse of a celebrity has its upsides and downsides. When the going is good, you get to enjoy all the trappings of fame including the wealth and luxurious lifestyle. However, when things go south, you will have to contend with the rumors, speculations as well as other side effects of public uncoupling.

One lady that has run this whole gamut but is still standing strong is Dina Eastwood. Dina was plucked from relative obscurity to the spotlight following her romance with legendary actor Clint Eastwood in 1993. They later got married and stayed together for 17 years before divorcing in controversial circumstances in 2013. The marriage has been over for about seven years now but Dina is forever stuck with being associated with the Eastwood name. She does not let this bother her though but is moving on and even has a new husband to booth.

Dina Met Clint Eastwood When She Was Assigned to Interview Him

Dina Eastwood first met her future husband, Clint Eastwood, in 1992. At that time, she was working as an anchor and reporter for a local Californian TV station, KSBW, and was given the task of interviewing the Hollywood star. She promptly headed out to his home to interview him and they got along quite well. There was also some flirting, so much so that when one of Dina’s colleagues saw the tapes, she predicted that the two would get married. This prediction would come true but not right away.

After the interview, Dina and Clint continued their separate lives until fate brought them together at a function at the Spanish Bay. They were seated next to each other and utilized that opportunity to hold hands and talk all night long. They then naturally commenced a relationship and got married a few years down the line. The wedding took place on the 31st day of March 1996.

Their Union Lasted for 17 Years and They Had a Daughter Together

Dina Eastwood
Eastwood and her husband at the Oscars Image Source

Following their nuptials, Dina Eastwood and her famous husband settled down in the seaside town of Carmel and welcomed a daughter named Morgan on the 12th day of December 1996. The couple tried to live a life as normal as possible; grocery shopping and doing school runs. Dina also made the extra effort of being accommodating to her young stepchildren, about three of them, who lived with them on and off. The lady took a step back from her career and got involved in several charity initiatives such as freedom fields (a group that removes landmines) and BioBanc (a company that stores white blood cells). She also got involved with her local community and even headed the PTA of her daughter’s school.

Whilst doing all this, Dina Eastwood did not neglect her husband. She made time to accompany him on his favorite pastime, golfing. She was also by his side during red carpet appearances as well as major award ceremonies such as the Oscars. Such togetherness meant that the couple discovered more wonderful things about each other and fell deeper in love by the day. For Dina, she loved the fact that Clint was unpretentious as well as conscientious to the extent that he would go to extra lengths to protect flowers and bugs. For the actor, it was his wife’s doe eyes as well as the fact that she was a very forthright person.

All these helped to sustain the couple’s union for several years and fans later got a snippet of their lives through the reality TV series, Mrs. Eastwood and Company. The series debuted on E! in 2012 and chronicled Dina’s life as she tries to manage and make a success out of Overtone, an acapella band that she adopted from South Africa. Also featured on the show were daughter, Morgan, and stepdaughter, Francesca. Her husband, Clint, had a few sporadic appearances on the show but largely stayed out of it. Some would later finger this as a reason behind the couple’s split.

The Divorce That No One Saw Coming

Dina Eastwood
With her daughter, Morgan, and stepdaughter Francesca Image Source

The first sign of trouble in the Dina and Clint Eastwood paradise came in April 2013 when the former anchor checked herself into rehab citing anxiety and depression issues. This showed that all was not well and it was confirmed when she filed for legal separation in September 2013. Dina later withdrew the application after some days but by October 2013, she filed for the dissolution of her marriage. She asked for spousal support as well as custody of their only daughter, Morgan. She also asked for payment of her attorney fees and cost.

The divorce filing led to speculations about what led to the beloved couple’s split. Some anonymous sources claimed that Clint had fallen out of love with his beautiful wife while Dina herself attributed it to the handiwork of people around her husband. The third school of thought has it though that it was Dina’s reality TV show that drove the couple apart. According to them, Clint is someone who loves his privacy and as such, was not too happy with the intrusive cameras. He however stomached it until the time came when he couldn’t take it anymore. He then stopped wearing his wedding ring and by June 2012, separated from his wife.

To make things worse, the veteran actor sought friendship with another lady named Erica Tomlinson-Fisher and by March 2013, they started dating. This made Dina quite sad and contributed to the depression and anxiety issues that sent her to rehab. When she then came out, she filed for divorce. The revelation that Clint was dating another lady brought him much backlash but the ever-gracious Dina defended him. She described him as a wonderful, good-natured, and brilliant person and also stated that she hated reading bad things about him.

The couple’s divorce was finalized on the 23rd day of December 2014. No explicit details were released but it is known that there was some squabble over the issue of spousal support. An agreement was later reached on it though. Following the divorce, Dina spent many days crying as the whole thing was unexpected. She got stronger with time though and now has only positive thoughts about her ex. According to her, he is the sweetest, kind, loving, and low-key person and so her intuition was still great for marrying him.

Dina Eastwood is now Married to Scott Fisher

Dina Eastwood has moved on with her life and the new apple of her eyes is famed basketball player-turned-coach, Scott Fisher. Fisher is originally from Australia but was born in California, USA. He played college basketball in America and went undrafted in the 1986 NBA draft before returning to his motherland to play professional basketball. He would do this for 16 years (1987-2003) during which he won three NBL league titles and was named league MVP twice. The power forward also represented Australia at the 1996 Olympics as well as the 1998 FIBA World Championships. He now serves as a coach for Ohlone College, Fremont.

Dina first reached out to Scott, an old friend from her home town of Fremont, when things were strained with Clint. This was in late 2012 and they maintained platonic relations until her divorce from her husband. They subsequently started dating and three years down the line tied the knot in July 2016. The wedding ceremony took place at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara and the couple wore white. It was a small, intimate ceremony and featured their beloved dogs.

Dina and Scott remain together to date and now have about six dogs, including three pugs, a Winnie, and a terrier mix. They make their home in Pebble Beach, California, and Dina applied to officially change her last name to Fisher in December 2017. Her Twitter handle also reflects her new surname. Meanwhile, It is interesting to note that Scott is the ex-husband of Erica, the woman that dated Clint after he and Dina split.

The Former TV Anchor/Reporter is now a Yoga Teacher as well as a Writer and Editor

Dina Eastwood previously made a career in the broadcast journalism industry, working as a reporter/anchor for several TV stations such as KNAZ-TV (Arizona), and KSBW (Monterey-Salinas, California). She semiretired in 1997 following her marriage to Clint, but made a comeback to KSBW in 2011. The divorce took its toll on the lady and she is taking a well-deserved break from the spotlight. This does not mean that she is idle though.

Dina is a regular contributor to Carmel Magazine as well as the nonfiction editor of Reed Magazine (the oldest literary journal in California). The lady also has dreams of writing short stories and a nonfiction book and is taking a master’s class in creative writing at San Jose State University.

She is also a yoga teacher, running weekly programs for the Girls and Boys of Club of Monterey County during which she guides them through visual exercises and poses. The former anchor also goes the extra mile of buying yoga mats for participants as she seeks to share her good fortune with others.

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