Dino MasterChef Ethnicity, Gay, Girlfriend, and Where He Is Now

Dino Masterchef, whose real name is Dino Angelo Luciano, is an American chef of Italian descent. He has Sicilian, Hispanic, African, Pacific Islander, Israeli, & Irish ancestry.

Dino, who won the 2017 edition of MasterChef, has been the subject of gay rumors due to his voice and flamboyant dressing style. He, however, is not gay as he was once in a public heterosexual relationship. Since Masterchef ended, Dino has served as the head of a new Muse & Market restaurant in Phoenix. He can be found on social media.

Dino Angelo Luciano Biography and Ethnicity

Dino Masterchef was born to his parents on the 21st of September 1989 in California but he was raised in Bensonhurst, New York after his entire family, who were New Yorkers, decided to move back to The Big Apple. One of the few interesting things we have been able to gather about Dino is that he is a multi-talented man and cooking is just one of his many skills. In a world where plurality in skills is the new norm, it is great to see upcoming star Chefs who are a lot more than just food. Today, he is a Chef on his way to having his own shows and restaurant but at some point in his life, he was just a regular growing boy that was part of a loving family.

As a result of the undisclosed nature of his parents’ background, it is difficult to determine his exact ethnicity but with his skin color and grandparent’s origin, he is definitely from a white ethnic group, possibly Italian.

It was his connection to his family that led him onto the set of MasterChef. Right from his young age, Dino was taught how to cook by his family members in a group effort that was led by his grandmother, who was a Sicilian. The cultural value of food to his family gave room for him to learn how to cook and furthermore, appreciate food as more than just a means of survival but as a form of art.

However, until Dino Masterchef contested on MasterChef, his cooking ability was meant just for him and his friends. He suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since he was 7, but he pursued other skills like ballet dancing, writing, and even sharpened his skills as a musician who knows how to play the saxophone, piano, and guitar. Though he is a talented ballet dancer, Dino maintains it is merely a hobby he uses in keeping himself fit while being a chef. He is also a skater and a surfer.

Dino Masterchef
Jason, Eboni, and Dino; the final three contestants in Masterchef season 8 (image source)

When Dino was selected as a contestant on the season 8 of MasterChef, little did he know that he would go on to win the $250,000 grand prize of the competition. He made his way through several contests, defeating regular men and women like himself who consisted of high school teachers, a minister, a model, a nurse all who had been selected from across the country. Through the progress of the show, he was described as the dark horse by celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey and his prediction turned out to be true as he ended up winning the show, beating Eboni Henry, an Addiction Counselor, and Jason Wang, a High School Music teacher, who finished as runners-up.

Is MasterChef Dino Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Due to his flamboyant dressing style and his voice, Dino has been a subject of rumors that he is gay. However, according to his Instagram, he is very much not. He is in a heterosexual relationship with a chef he met while he was on MasterChef.

Dino Angelo is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend whose name is undisclosed at the moment. The couple has been together for over a year having met while he was on the show, MasterChef.

Where is He Now?

Dino Angelo Luciano from MasterChef season 8 is currently the head of a new Muse & Market restaurant in Phoenix. He is also working on his own cooking show, which he intends to make in the form of a cross between traditional cooking shows and a movie.

Dino is very active on social media, especially Instagram as @dino.ballerino.

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