Who Is DJ Ashba, How Old Is He and What Is His Net Worth?

With his elaborate tattoos, multiple piercings, as well as heavily-lined eyes, you do not need a soothsayer to tell you that DJ Ashba is a bonafide rock star. The legendary American guitarist has played for several rock bands including Guns N’ Roses and Sixx: A.M. Ashba is also a successful recording artist and has produced multi-platinum hits for several of his peers. Discover more about the rock star here including details about his age, net worth, and what have you.

Who Is DJ Ashba and How Old Is He?

Daren Jay Ashba was born on the 10th of November 1972 in Monticello, Indiana. He spent his formative years in Fairbury, Illinois, and was mostly raised by his mother. Ashba’s mom was a classically-trained pianist and so, she introduced him to the piano at the age of 5. He progressed to drums at the age of 6 and by the age of 8, used the proceeds from his part-time job to purchase his first guitar.

Thanks to his upbringing, DJ Ashba aspired to be a musician right from the get-go. He informed his pals that he would be a rock star one day but they predictably laughed at his ambitions. The young boy, however, remained undeterred. He practiced religiously, and on completing his high school diploma, moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams.

Career Beginning and Rise to Fame

DJ Ashba spent much of the 90s playing random gigs. He also joined two bands (Bulletboys and Barracuda) but couldn’t make much headway with them. He however persevered and in 1999, joined hands with fellow rocker, Joe Leste, to form a band known as Beautiful Creatures. Other members of the band included Kenny Kweens (bassist), Anthony Focx and Glen Sobel (session drummers). Beautiful Creatures dropped their eponymous debut album in August 2001. It spurned several hit tracks, including Ride and 1 A.M., and the band performed at several concerts. Ashba spent a total of two years with Beautiful Creatures before splitting in 2002.

Since then, DJ Ashba has concentrated on building his own band. He also served as the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses between 2009 and 2015. During this period, he toured extensively with the legendary band. He and his bandmates also engaged in a successful Las Vegas residency which culminated in the DVD Appetite for Democracy: Live at the Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas. Ashba’s time with Guns N’ Roses was however not without some challenges. Several of the band’s diehard fans disliked him because he replaced the legendary Robin Finck, aka Slash. Some fans abused him online but the guitarist took it all in stride. He has since disclosed that he is grateful for the memories that he made during that period.

What Is His Net Worth?

DJ Ashba has a net worth of $12 million. His primary source of income is his music career. Asides his stint with Guns N’ Roses, Ashba also co-founded the band known as Sixx: A.M., in 2007. The band’s line-up includes Nikki Sixx (bass guitarist) and James Michael (singer). Sixx: A.M. dropped their debut album, Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, in 2008. The album topped the Billboard 200 Albums Charts for 27 weeks. It also spurned the No. 1 rock track of 2008, Life is Beautiful. Since that impressive debut, Ashba and his bandmates have dropped several more albums. They have also sold millions of records worldwide.

Another veritable source through which DJ Ashba makes his millions is his several companies. The guitarist is the founder of Ashbaland and Ashba Media Inc. Ashbaland is a music production company under which Ashba produces records for other artists. He has thus far co-produced and co-written tracks for several artists including Neil Diamond and Motley Crue. On the other hand, Ashba Media Inc. is a creative design agency that specializes in building thematic designs and scenic fabrications for the entertainment, hotel and hospitality industries. Some of their biggest clients include Virgin Megastores and Sony PlayStation.

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Is DJ Ashba Married?

DJ Ashba
DJ Ashba with his wife Nathalia: image source

DJ Ashba is happily married to Nathalia Ashba, nee Henao. Nathalia is a Colombian-born model, entrepreneur, and blogger. She spent several years modeling in Europe and won the title of Miss Model Europe 2012. She has since launched an eyeglass collection as well as a fashion and lifestyle blog.

Ashba and Nathalia commenced their relationship in 2012. They later got engaged in controversial circumstances in 2013. Ashba’s elaborate proposal scheme involved a private police helicopter plane ride. This attracted the ire of the authorities and the policemen involved were later disciplined. This unfortunate outcome did not hinder the couple’s love story as they tied the knot in September 2013.

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