Here’s What You Should Know About Dj Qualls’ Sexuality, Skinny Physique, and His Success as an Actor

First of all, DJ Qualls isn’t a Disc Jockey. It just happens to be the first two initials of his name. He is instead an actor, producer, and model who is popular for his appearance in blockbuster films such as Road Trip, The New Guy, Hustle & Flow, and of course, The Core. More than that, the American made appearances on several TV series such as Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Supernatural, and Scrubs.

Don’t let his skinny stature deceive you, Qualls has an over twenty-year record in showbiz; he has been a part of the industry since 1994 and isn’t showing any signs of taking things slowly. As much as his career has been the reason he is popular, it has made people pry into his personal life. This heightened after the actor came out of the closet as his fans have been super curious to know who he’s seeing since then.

The Actor Came Out on a Comedy Central Show in January 2020

Much wasn’t known about the actor’s love life until 2020 during an appearance on The Jim Jefferies Show. In January of the said year, he revealed on the comedy show that he has always been sexually attracted to males.

As one would expect, this generated a lot of buzz and people may have been tempted to assume he wasn’t serious but he confirmed that he was gay in a tweet thereafter. Affirming his sexual orientation by saying he has always been so, the actor disclosed in the tweet that he decided to reveal the truth about his sexuality because he was tired of worrying about what coming out would do to his career and what people would think of him.

He Hasn’t Been Linked to Anyone But Once Dated Nikki Reed

Inasmuch as his coming out marked an end to one of the secrets about his love life, those interested in keeping up with DJ Quall’s personal life since then have largely been frustrated as the actor has not related anything further.

While it is now known that he is sexually attracted to people of his gender, he has not been romantically linked to any and indeed, has not been known to be in love with anyone apart from the American actress and singer-songwriter, Nikki Reed. It is believed that Qualls once had a romantic fling with her. What they had was, however, very brief as it began in 2006 and ended the following year.

Since the relationship ended, Nikki has been linked with several popular figures like Pavel Priluchnyy, Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, Robert Pattinson, Derek Hough, and Ryan Phillippe. She was previously married to Paul McDonald (2011-2014) and is now married to Ian Somerhalder (since 2015), but nothing has been heard from DJ.

Qualls considers himself a nerd and has confessed to being only interested in a partner who shares his passion for comic books and science fiction. He also added that marriage would only pop up on his radar when he’s accomplished his major career goals.

Health Challenges Made DJ Qualls Skinny

DJ Qualls describes himself as one of the top 5 skinny actors in the world. The Nashville, Tennessee native, who was born on June 10, 1978, had a normal childhood until when he turned fourteen and began to show symptoms of what medical diagnosis later revealed to be Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After undergoing treatment for two consecutive years, doctors declared his cancer to be in remission. In hindsight, Qualls recalls the “grueling” chemotherapy to have affected his system, stunting his growth and development which is why he has a petite, slender physique.

Now in his early forties, DJ still maintains that graceful slim build. He stands 6 feet (1.83 m) tall and weighs 140 lbs (64 kg). The actor has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

His First Major Film Role Was in ‘Road Trip’ and it Made Him a Mainstream Actor 

Around the time DJ Qualls was enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville, he began acting in a local theatre company. In 1994, however, he appeared as an extra in the HBO film, Against the Wall. Four years later in 1998, he appeared as the character Jason in the miniseries, Mama Flora’s Family. Around that time, he auditioned for a one-liner for the musical movie, Road Trip, but later appeared in the main role of Kyle Edwards; a shy virgin who later got laid.

Following the success of the movie, Qualls went on to work as a model for Prada and assisted ace photographers such as David LaChapelle and Steven Klein. The virgin-status was a selling point for Qualls; as in the same year, he took on the role of Wally, another virgin, in the movie Cherry Falls (2000).

The following year, Qualls played the role of Neil Lawrence in the movie Chasing Holden (2001). He then appeared as a Y2K prophet in the sci-fi mystery thriller film, Buster’s Mal Heart (2017). But before that, he had appeared in several other movies including Little Athens, Delta Farce, Familiar Strangers, Road Trip: Beer Pong, Last Day of Summer (which he produced), Running Mates, Small Apartments, Pawn Shop Chronicles, and November Rule.

‘Hustle & Flow’ is DJ Qualls’ Most Popular and Succesful Project

So far, DJ Qualls hasn’t received any major award yet but he was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture at the 12th Screen Actors Guild Awards for his role in Hustle & Flow. In the 2005 drama film written and directed by Craig Brewer, he played Shelby, a sound-mixer that help Terrence Howard‘s character produce his songs which in turn earned him some clout as a musician. Produced by John Singleton and Stephanie Allain, the movie was a box office success as it pulled $23.5 million on a budget of $2.8 million.

Qualls also appeared as Archie and Junior in the 2002 films, Comic Book Villains and Lone Star State of Mind, respectively. On the TV scene, he has appeared in major hits such as The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Monk, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, Lost, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI, Numb3rs, Breaking Bad, Memphis Beat, and My Name Is Earl.

TV and films aren’t the only stuff Qualls has tried his fingers on. Back in 2000, he appeared in the music video, Pinch Me, by Barenaked Ladies. Also, he made a cameo appearance in Britney Spears’ music video, Boys (2001). The following year, he appeared in the music video for I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan.

Several sources have reported that DJ Qualls’ net worth stands at $5 million. Much of that came from his career as an actor, model, and producer.


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