DJ Sbu Biography: Who is the South African DJ?

DJ Sbu (Real name: Sibusiso Leope, born May 28, 1977; Age: 46 years old) is a popular South African disc jockey, music, radio, and TV producer, and entrepreneur famous for his hit songs like Remember When It Rained, For A Reason, and Lengoma.

DJ Sbu is one of South Africa’s best-performing disc Jockey, a never-take-no-for-an-answer businessman, author, television and radio show host, and anchor. He is a philanthropist who is committed to contributing his quota to helping underprivileged black South African youths. He aims to help many young people achieve greatness in life by giving them hope and street-smart education.

While the 46-year-old DJ might not be from a mega-rich family, through dedication to his passion and a mindset to become the best that he can ever be, he has been able to raise his status from being a paid radio show anchor and disc jockey to becoming one of the most successful musicians and businessman in South Africa.

Summary Of DJ Sbu’s Biography

  • Full Name: Sibusiso Leope
  • Nickname: DJ Sbu
  • Gender: Male
  • Date Of Birth: May 28, 1977
  • DJ Sbu’s Age: 46 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Atheist/Nature Worshipper
  • Marital Status: Single
  • DJ Sbu’s Children: Waratwa Leope
  • DJ Sbu’s Parents: Mothlegi and Ntombidodwa Leope
  • DJ Sbu’s Height In Inches: 73.23 inches
  • DJ SBu’s Height In Centimeters: 186 centimeters
  • DJ Sbu’s Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Famous For: Radio and Television presenter and Disc Jockey, Businessman, Philanthropist, Music Producer
  • DJ Sbu’s Instagram: @DJSbuLive
  • DJ Sbu’s Twitter: @DJSbu
  • DJ Sbu’s Facebook:

What Is DJ Sbu’s Age?

DJ Sbu was born on May 28, 1977, which makes him 46 years old. He is still young at heart, and his passion for producing hits for both young and old, as well as bringing joy to the hearts of the helpless through his philanthropic activities, would continue to make him forever young in the hearts of his fans and well-wishers.

DJ Sbu Got All His Education In South Africa 

DJ Sbu was given the right and proper education that he needed from a young age by his parents. He was enrolled in Welamlambo Primary School in Tembisa, and after completing his primary education, he proceeded to Central Secondary School in Pretoria, where he completed his education in 1993.

After that, he gained admission into the African Media University in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Engineering. Having bagged the degree that he wanted – which was very important to his chosen career path in life DJ Sbu still wasn’t satisfied academically, and he decided to demand more from himself by furthering his education.

He gained admission into the Technikon Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (now known as the University of Johannesburg after its merger with the Rand Afrikaans University), where he bagged another degree in Electrical Engineering.

His education in life continues even though he has put a stop to his academic pursuit for now, as he continues to learn how to innovate and grow flourishing businesses – a passion he is more than willing to impart to those who care to know how he made it in life.

DJ Sbu’s Net Worth

DJ Sbu’s net worth is currently estimated at $2 million (a little above R34 million). He has steadily been building up his fortunes right from the very early period in his career as a radio show host on Tembisa Info Radio to a celebrity and an astute businessman.

He made most of his money from his business activities, including the energy drink and other merchandise he sells under the brand name – MoFaya, and from his album and singles releases, television and radio show hosting, and other engagements guarantee him legitimate revenues for his efforts.

Perhaps if he had not established the foundation that he uses to help the less privileged in society, his net worth would have been much more than is reported of him today. The hardworking DJ still has a great future ahead of him to increase his worth much more than what he currently has.

List of DJ Sbu’s Songs

DJ Sbu is not only a disc jockey or music producer. He is also a recording artist who has put all the skills and abilities in him to create memorable songs that his fans love to listen to. Since he began producing albums in 2006, he has a total of 7 studio albums under his belt to date, with the ability to still produce more in the future.

Here is a detailed list of his albums

  1. Y – Lens Vol. 1. (November 8, 2006)
  2. Y – Lens Vol. 2. (2007)
  3. Y – Lens Vol. 3. (2010)
  4. Sound Revival (August 25, 2011)
  5. Sound Revival Vol. 2. Released (November 2, 2012)
  6. MoFaya (January 1, 2014)
  7. Home Coming – The African Odyssey. (December 11, 2020)

Some of His Popular Songs

  •  Love And Let Love
  • Till The Morning Comes featuring Wade
  • Nakupenda
  • Beautiful
  • L’amour A Tous Le Droits
  • Spirit
  • Black Child It’s Possible
  • Vuvuzela Bafana
  •  I Am Music
  •  Ekurhuleni
  •  I’m Rich
  •  Lengoma featuring Zahara
  •  Mama Africa, featuring Mr. O. Mix
  •  Ndenzeni
  • Waintolovhela featuring Meat The Veggies
  • Amakoporosh
  • Qina
  •  Ndiza
  •  Mthwalo – Remix
  •  Only Human
  •  Nhliziyo
  •  MoFaya
  •  Ngyabonga featuring Naima Kay
  • Vuka Sizwe featuring Lizwi
  • Mmangwane featuring Jcee & Drum Pope
  • Mpambane, featuring Gesh, Bongane Sax, Mapiano, Papa & Drum Pope, etc.

Is DJ Sbu Married?

The current status of DJ Sbu may either be puzzling, uncertain, confusing, or out rightly hidden from all of us, but the word on the street currently is that he is presently single and open to finding the woman of his dreams, as he stated in an interview as far back as 2019.

One may be tempted to ask why a very successful entrepreneur in his forties is not married. Well, only he can answer that question. Due to some disappointments that he had suffered in his past relationships, there is an off chance that he could probably and currently be in a serious relationship now, which he has decided to keep away from public knowledge, or he may have even secretly wedded – though no official announcements suggest that he has done such.

The closest he came to getting married was his engagement with his ex-girlfriend, Disebo Makatsa, which was announced in 2013. He would later have his only child – a daughter named Waratwa Leope sometime in 2014 with Disebo. In 2015, he broke off his engagement with her after rumors that she had cheated on him with South African multi-millionaire Edwin Sodi.

However, she denied the affair while explaining that they are still good friends and co-parents to their daughter. He was in a short relationship with Terry Pheto in 2010 before he met Disebo. After Disebo, he was rumored to have dated Boitumelo Mahlase – but he denied that they were dating in an interview, referring to her as his friend.

Outside these three ladies, he hasn’t dated anyone else publicly, but he wrote a message to his future wife on his social media handle, informing her that she would be getting married to a very successful multi-billionaire in their future.

DJ Sbu Has Had A Flourishing Career In The Entertainment Industry

DJ Sbu’s biography will be missing a great piece if we do not look at the milestones of his career, right from the very start to the point he’s at currently in his life’s journey.

Sibusiso Leope Started His Career In Entertainment At Tembisa Info Radio in 1998

In 1998, after obtaining his first degree in Sound Engineering, Sbu began his career in the entertainment industry as a radio show host and disc jockey at Tembisa Info Radio, where he was the host of a weekend show that soon became very popular under his watch.

He continued working for the radio station as a host/anchor for 18 months. In 2000, he left Tembisa Info Radio and joined YFM – a community radio station in Johannesburg, where he worked as the host and producer of a weekend program called “Beauty And The Beast” with fellow co-host, Angela Ludek.

He was also the presenter of the program titled Y-Lens, which he made his own and ran for several years. He also served as a Disc Jockey on the Vinyl Experience Meltdown competition aired every Friday on DJ Fresh’s show, The Easy Drive.

The Versatile DJ Sbu Has Featured In Many Television Productions

As his popularity began to grow after he joined YFM, he leveraged that to earn a feature on the popular television show, Generations; while also filming a movie titled Hang Time. His growing fame also got him his first commercial gig when he appeared in the Toyota Tazz advert.

In 2001, while still employed by YFM, he appeared on an episode of another popular Television soap opera, Isidingo. He then gradually eased himself into more guest TV show appearances. He also appeared on It Rained Last Night, a popular television drama show.

He became the presenter of a youth talent search show, Gumbi Fire, which was aired on YFM’s sister television station, SABC 1. By 2003, DJ Sbu was already established as a popular TV host, which was how he landed the job of hosting a game show called Friends Like These on SABC 1.

He hosted the show for another 13 years before a perceived clash of interests got his contract terminated from the show. Asides from all his television appearances, he also began writing a monthly column on YFM’s website to highlight and sharpen his writing skills.

DJ Sbu Is Also Into Music Production

In 2003, he teamed up with Thembinkosi Nciza to start a record label called TS Records, which had promising young artists like Zahara, Mzekezeke, Brown Dash, and DJ Sbu himself on the label. The label existed till 2017, when both partners decided to end their business relationship and venture to pursue other personal interests.

DJ Sbu Has Grown To Become A Seasoned Entrepreneur Owning A Plethora Of Businesses

With all the business acumen gathered over the years, DJ Sbu soon began to try his hands at different business ventures. In 2012, he announced via his social media handle that he was teaming up with Siphiwe Shongwe to establish a company called “MoFaya Beverage Company” (MBC) that would begin producing beverage drinks for consumption in South Africa.

Things didn’t work out for them as they planned initially, but about 2 to 3 years later, the company began to make an inroad into the white-dominated beverage industry in the country after they employed some out-of-the-box marketing strategy to get their products to the intended market.

It is also noteworthy that he released his 6th album, “MoFaya,” in January 2014, possibly to push his MoFaya brand. He also began a series of seminars called Leadership 2020 – where he intended to motivate, influence, empower and challenge young minds in South Africa to aspire for greatness in their personal lives and business endeavors.

Following the success of his Mofaya energy drink – which he rigorously pushed by actually marketing the products himself – sometimes from the trunk of his car and by face-to-face sales with potential customers, Sbu’s entrepreneurial drive went into overdrive.

He announced in 2017 that he had sold a 26% stake of MoFaya to Coca-Cola in a deal worth R 493 million. The deal would see Coca-Cola invest that money in the company over the next 3 years and open them up to sell nationally and across 17 other African countries.

He started his first Radio station, Massive Metro, around 2017, which was targeted at taxi drivers and the commuting public in South Africa. He also announced the launch of his Loko Flame Brand, which began with the launch of Loko Flame Safety Matches around 2016, while he later introduced the Loko Flame Vodka drink a year later.

It won’t be fair to gloss over the establishment of both MoFaya and Loko Flame brands by DJ Sbu, as it is worth noting that they were both the first black-owned beverage brand in South Africa – which is by no means a small feat and accomplishment.

In 2021, he also started a streaming radio station called Home Grown Radio which he revealed was co-owned by students from their radio training program organized by their sister station, Massive Metro.

Frequently Asked Questions About DJ Sbu

What is DJ Sbu’s Age?

DJ Sbu is currently 46 years old. He was born on May 28, 1977.

Is DJ Sbu A Billionaire?

DJ Sbu is not a billionaire. However, he regards himself as a billionaire under construction. His net worth is estimated at $2 million, slightly above R34 million. He might not have attained billionaire status yet, but he is definitely on his way to doing so.

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