Does Colin Egglesfield Have a Wife or Is He In A Relationship?

Colin Egglesfield is not married and is not known to be in a relationship. Rumors were making the rounds in the past that Colin was married and that he had a son, but it turned out that they were just rumors with no substance or facts to back up the claims. Colin’s relationship status has always been shrouded in secrecy, and while he’s been linked to a few high-profile figures in the past, there has been no public confirmation of a current relationship or marriage from Egglesfield himself.

The American actor was close to getting married to his one-time girlfriend Aline Nobre, having publicly made known his intention to go meet her parents and seek their daughter’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 global lockdown and some unexplained reasons saw their relationship breakdown. Colin has not shared loved-up pictures with anyone at the moment, which implies that he is single at the moment.

Is Colin Egglesfield Married or Single?

Presently, Colin Egglesfield is most likely single  – barring any undisclosed secret wedding and family hidden away somewhere, he is not married at all. He has been a bit coy about his relationships over the last couple of years, which has led fuelled certain rumors about his love life.

Some time ago, the rumors mills were agog that Colin Egglesfield and his girlfriend were seen shopping around for an engagement ring. There were all sorts of rumors about them shopping for a particular type of engagement ring with a spectacular ornament on it, which broke the heart of his female admirers and sent his fans and admirers into a frenzy at the time.

Unfortunately, these were all rumors that had no substance to them at all. Colin Egglesfield’s manager and publicist did not confirm the rumors, and they just went away over time. Colin also would have hinted at such an important occasion in his life if there was any iota of truth to it, but he did no such thing either on his Social Media handles or on his personal website.

Has Colin Egglesfield Ever Married in Real Life?

From all that is known to be the facts and the truth about Colin Egglesfield, he has never been married in real life. Though he is known to be super secretive about certain aspects of his life – especially his private life, which includes his relationships, the chances that he has gotten married secretly and not revealed that information to the public seems very slim and most unlikely.

There are rumors online that he got married to his then-girlfriend Aline Nobre sometime in the late 2010s and that they both have a son together, but there are no facts to back up what most of the online sleuths have posted about his “marriage”. The account of his relationship with Aline Nobre given by Colin himself says otherwise to what the rumor mills are peddling about them.

Who is Colin Egglesfield Dating?

The last known relationship that Colin Egglesfield was publicly involved in was with Brazilian model Aline Nobre. According to Egglesfield, he first met Aline sometime in 2012 when they were filming Open Road, and they dated on and off for about 9 years. As fate would have it, the two of them reconnected back in 2019 and seemed to kick off their relationship once again, and they took things up a notch this time around.

By 2020, their love and bond had grown so strong that Colin Egglesfield was already planning to pop the marriage question to Aline Nobre. His plan was to fly to Brazil to meet her parents and family and propose to her in Sao Paulo. Unfortunately for the love birds, Covid-19 struck, and all their plans were put on hold, as Colin had already bought the engagement ring. Colin and Aline could only connect via FaceTIme and WhatsApp Messages during this time to keep the flame of their love burning.

Unfortunately, their love did not lead to marriage as intended, and both parties did not reveal why they broke up again. Aline Nobre seems to have moved on from that heartbreak as she shared a post on her Instagram handle professing her love for someone else just recently. The person who Colin Egglesfield is presently dating is not known, and he has not shared that information yet.

Is Colin Egglesfield Gay?

Colin Egglesfield is not gay. The actor has been through some tough challenges in his life, and maybe the fact that a dashing and handsome man like him does not yet have a wife was the reason why rumors began circulating that he was gay, but these seem to be just rumors with no facts to substantiate them at all. The fact that he has not been forthcoming with details of his love life to the public in recent times is probably another reason why rumors that he was gay began circulating online.

A look at his Social Media handles – especially his official Instagram handle, is filled with several pictures he took with male friends, co-stars, and other male figures, and this could have been another reason why rumors of him being gay began making the rounds also. However, he has been romantically linked with a few female celebrities in the past, and this would sort of suggest that he is straight and not gay.

The fact also that he has not officially come out as being gay or a member of the LGBTQ+ community would also seem to suggest that he is not one. He has also not been featured in any gay-themed movie role, so it is not clear exactly where and how the gay rumor thing came about. Probably it was just the imaginations of mischief makers.

Does Colin Egglesfield Have a Child?

From all the information available in the public space about Colin Egglesfield, he does not seem to have any biological children of his own just yet. Colin was diagnosed with testicular cancer about a decade and a half ago, and while the cancerous growth was removed and dealt with at the time, tests carried out later showed that cancer had spread to other organs in his body. It is not clear if his battle with testicular cancer in the past has anything to do with him not having any children of his own at present.

Several years ago, he posted a picture and video on his Social Media Handle where he was playing with his niece and nephew, and though he stated it as such, some folks began speculating about what a wonderful father he would be.

Some folks even took it that he was probably playing with his own children, and this must have been where the confusion came from. From all we know, he does not have any biological child yet.

Who Has Colin Egglesfield Dated in the Past?

Colin Egglesfield is a very handsome and popular American actor and writer, and he has been linked with some very beautiful and famous ladies over the years. Some of the ladies that Colin has been reportedly linked with include –

Stephanie Jacobsen

Colin Egglesfield and the Australian actress Stephanie Jacobsen began dating in 2009, and they made their love very public. They were seen together in public and enjoyed each other’s company a lot, but their relationship did not last very long. They both went their separate ways in 2011 and never reconnected back again.

Jenifer Love Hewitt

Colin Egglesfield’s relationship with American singer and actress Jenifer Love Hewitt began as a rumor sometime in 2012, with both parties not commenting on their rumored relationship. Some folks believed that the two of them were just friends, while others believed that there was more to their “friendship”, which unfortunately ended in 2013.

Malin Akerman

Colin Egglesfield and Swedish-American actress Malin Akerman began dating sometime in 2014 after her divorce from her first husband Roberto Zincone. It was not clear how serious both of them were about the relationship, as they ended it just a year after it began in 2015.


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