Does Donut Operator Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Donut Operator does not have a wife as he is not married and has never been married, but he already has a son. He also does have a girlfriend, Heather Lynn, a fellow content creator who he is in a relationship with.

The 36 year-old Donut Operator is very popular on Social Media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, where he has millions of followers. Donut Operator and Heather Lynn made their relationship Instagram official in late 2022 when he began posting her pictures and sharing videos of their time together online. His current relationship came after he broke up with Kayle in 2021 – who is also known as the Wine Operator on Instagram after she accused him of bullying her and cheating on her.

Did Donut Operator Divorce?

From all records and reports available about Donut Operator in the public space, he has never been married in the past and is still currently single and dating. Some folks probably believe that since he has a biological son, then he must have been married at the time of the boy’s birth and has probably divorced the mother, but this seems not to be the case with Donut Operator’s relationship life and history.

There are a lot of reports and articles written about Donut Operator that specify that he was once married to his son’s mother and that he divorced her. These reports have also been fueled by the fact that he has refused to disclose the identity of his son’s mother. There seems to be no evidence to support this claim, however, to date and such information should really be treated as what they are – rumors.

Who Is Donut Operator Dating Now?

Donut Operator’s love life is somewhat hard to keep up with, but he has been dating the very beautiful Heather Lynn for quite some time now. It is not clear exactly how they met or began dating, but she has been popping up on his Social Media handles since 2020.  The very first pictures and videos of Donut Operator and Heather Lynn surfaced in late 2022, in which he was seen cuddling her with so much affection.

Heather also features prominently on his YouTube handle, and in fact, he created a few episodes he titled “I Made a Life with Heather Lynn”. On October 20, 2022, Donut Operator posted a picture of himself and Heather locked in an embrace while they were looking at the camera, with the caption I like you a lot, and you make me smile a stupid smile.

There are several other pictures of them on his Social Media handles, but fans or naysayers have pointed out that she does not have any of his pictures or videos up on her own Social Media handles.

Heather Lynn is a producer for the Black Riffle Coffee Company, and she writes for the Coffie Ordie Magazine. Heather and Donut Operator share some things in common, which they are both very passionate about – they write for the police, veterans, military and first responders. They also both like to shoot lots of guns and explore the world together, as much as they like each other’s company.

Does Donut Operator Have a Son?

Donut Operator has a son named John Garrett, who has been appearing in some of his pictures and a few of his personal videos on Social Media. Donut Operator’s son, John, was born sometime in 2009, but the father has not revealed the exact date of his son’s birth to the public. John Garrett is currently 15 year old. When he turned 10 in 2019, his father gifted him an AR-9 9mm rifle worth around $ 2.500 because he assumed that he was old enough to own one.

A lot of folks have also tried to find out who the biological mother of Donut Operator’s son is, but to date, he has not disclosed the true identity of his son’s mother. There are some reports or rumors that his son’s mother was a lady that he was married to and divorced soon after the birth of his son. Some reports also have it that he got a girl pregnant when he was 22, and they decided to have the baby.

John Garrett is currently living with his undisclosed biological mother, but he gets to spend as much time as he is allowed with his father, to build on their father-son relationship. One thing we do know for sure about John and his father, Donut Operator, is that they both have a liking for guns and shooting just for fun.


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