Does Eniola Ajao Have A Husband and What Do We Know About Her Twin Sister?

When you think of a rare combination of beauty and brains, Eniola Ajao is one of the Nollywood actresses that fits the profile. This stunning actress has gradually taken the Nollywood (Yoruba) acting scene by storm and there is no recovery from this bundle of talent. One of the reasons she remains the most sought-after actress in the industry is the versatility with which she delivers her roles.

Since her venture into the industry in 2004, she has featured in more than 70 movies and continues to hunger for more brain-tasking roles. In 2015, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Yoruba-language Film at the Best of Nollywood Awards. However, despite the success and popularity which she enjoys in her career, her love life remains a mystery.

Eniola Ajao Is Not Married

As of the time of writing this article, Eniola Ajao is not yet married. When quizzed about her love life in a series of interviews, she revealed that she has been in a serious relationship with a very good guy for some years now. Even though she has chosen not to reveal who this mystery man is, she has shared that he isn’t in the entertainment industry and he is very understanding about all that pertains to her acting career which is why she has remained with him.

Eniola has shared that she hopes to get married one day but doesn’t have plans to quit her acting career for marriage or even bearing children. Nonetheless, she looks up to actresses like Omotola Jalade who has been able to keep it together on the home front and in their career.

The Identities Of Men She Has Dated Remains A Mystery

Constantly being in the public eye is one of the reasons celebrity relationships are doomed to fail even before they start, only a few have been able to maintain a successful relationship in the public eye. This is probably one of the reasons why Eniola has been careful about revealing who the man in her life is.

Moreover, she has never revealed any of the people she has dated in the past. She just speaks about her mystery man whenever she talks about her relationship. She has strived to keep her private life away from the scrutiny of the media and has done well at that.

The Truth About Eniola Ajao’s Alleged Relationship With Odunlade Adekola

As Eniola Ajao began to make waves in the movie industry, tongues began to wag due to the close relationship she shares with Odunlade Adekola whom she refers to as her boss. Another issue that flamed this rumor was a supposed wedding photo of the duo that went viral. Even though it was later revealed that the picture was for the promotion of a movie which they both featured in, many still thought there was something going on between the two.

On her alleged relationship with Odunlade, Eniola has reiterated in several interviews that the relationship between her and Odunlade is that of a boss and apprentice and nothing more. She shared that there are several caucuses in the movie industry and it is natural for actors to align with a particular group. Moreover, she is privileged to be of the actors under his tutelage, and it’s natural for him to feature his apprentice when he produces a movie.
Sadly, some fans are always quick to jump to a conclusion without knowing all the details surrounding a situation.

Eniola has vehemently denied this alleged relationship with Odunlade. She
describes him as someone she admires a lot because he is the total package: he sings, acts, produces, and directs well. Eniola also revealed that Odunlade is her role model because he inspires her and she has learned tremendously from him. She definitely aspires to be like him someday. She also stated that her man knows Odunlade very well and the kind of relationship they both share.

Another thing Eniola pointed out was that if she were a man, people won’t be speculating about her relationship with Odunlade as she believes he is even closer to Tunde Owokoniran who is also his apprentice.

Her Parents Insisted She Finished School Before Going Into Acting

One of the things that have informed Eniola’s successful acting career today is the support from her family. Even though she has always dreamt about becoming an actress from a very young age, her parents emphasized the need to get educated first before any other thing and because she wanted to make her parents proud, she listened to their advice and finished her education before turning to the movie industry fully. She attended Yaba College of Technology and then the University of Lagos, where she bagged a degree in Accounting. For someone who studied accounting to be this good on screen, it is undoubtedly something she is so passionate about.

Her dad is a retired teacher and it’s not known what her mother’s occupation is. She recently shared a picture of her mom on her social media page on her birthday. Eniola has revealed that she had a very strict upbringing which is one of the reasons she never exposes her body in movies. Her parents are also really proud of her and sure that she will never drag their name through the mud because of the way they raised her.

Eniola Ajao’s mother/Instagram

Despite being a regular face on our TV screen, Eniola is really a very private person. All we know about her family is that she and her twin sister are the youngest of her parents’ six children. Not much is known about her other siblings and what they do.

Eniola’s Twin Sister Is A Successful Businesswoman

They may be identical twins but they have different passions and talents. Unlike Eniola who chose acting for a career, her twin sister whose name is Kehinde Ajao is a successful businesswoman and is nowhere near the entertainment industry.

The twins are the youngest of their parents’ 6 children and Eniola has shared that it was incredible growing up with a twin sister. There is no further information available about the actress’s twin, what school she attended, course of study, if she is married, has a child/children, or if she is still single.

Chacha is a writer with a wealth of experience who has contributed across several channels. Her specialty includes celebrity lifestyle including how top movie stars, musicians, and comedians live their lives.
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