Does Masasa Mbangeni Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

When Masasa Mbangeni exited Scandal for a second time in 2020 following the killing of her character – Thembeka Shezi, fans were naturally curious about what the actress had lined up next. When the South African actress, also known for other TV shows like The River and Legacy, gave her answers, it was far from expected. According to the Cape Town native, she was not looking forward to reprising her Thembeka role in any capacity as she felt it was time to move on. However, the two-time South African Movie and TV Award winner left fans with an exciting subject to ponder on; she was going to spend quality time with her new love, Gwydion Beynon.

Masasa Mbangeni Let Fans In On Her New Relationship Status Through Twitter

With that kind of comment from an actress of Masasa Mbangeni’s ilk who is known to take her privacy seriously, fans were thrown into a frenzy as they craved to get the full details on their favorite actress’s new relationship. They actually expected her to shroud things as usual but the former Scandal cast member surprised them as she came open with the full gist, taking to Twitter to share some photos of her man.

Initially, Masasa avoided revealing his name and never tagged him in any of her social media posts but the heartfelt messages she penned to him were all so interesting. Even from the photos, it is glaring that the actress’s new bae is a White man which makes it a cross-racial relationship. Before long, fans who felt she needed advice on how best to handle her man started dishing it out uninvited.

Fans Advice To The Actress

While flaunting her new white boyfriend, Gwydion Beynon, on social media, Masasa Mbangeni sure looked like she didn’t give a hoot about what people would make of it. However, knowing South African fans, she had to sit up and pay attention to their advice on dating across color lines. According to them, Masasa should beware of some thirsty fans and should equally desist from posting regular loved-up snapshots of herself and her white boyfriend on social media. Far from spite, the SA viewing public was really happy for the Scandal actress and her soapie writer lover.

Her Response To Tweets From Fans

Not being one to sweep such blatant advice under the carpet, the South African actress was rather quick in giving her response to what was tagged a ‘friendly warning’ on Twitter. According to the Cape Town native, people who advise her to desist from sharing her boyfriend’s photos for fear that he might be snatched away from her have it all wrong. Her exact words were “if it happens, then, it is life” as she cannot imagine living continually in fear of “ukugilwa”.

A very frank Mbangeni supported her view by retweeting a lot of other posts from fans who share her opinion. One person, in particular, was very emphatic, saying “If the man is going to cheat, then, he is going to cheat.” Obviously, the Scandal actress is not limited by the fear of losing out and from what is perceivable, they look set to take it far into the future.

How Did Masasa Mbangeni Meet Her Boyfriend?

Masasa Mbangeni
Masasa and Gwydionimage source

Even though Masasa Mbangeni has been really open about her relationship with Gwydion Beynon, the actress omitted to talk about how they met. However, she gave a little insight when she hinted at how recent their dalliance is but that does not mean that they just met. According to the Cape Town native, their path first crossed a decade ago but love was not part of it as that part just blossomed recently.

What We Know About Gwydion Beynon

Gwidyon Beynon is a man of many hats; he is a talented television producer and an award-winning screenwriter with two of South Africa’s most-watched soapies under his belt. Beynon is credited with the writing of the award-winning series, Muvhango, the TV show The River, and Legacy.

Gwidyon joined effort with South African screenwriter Phathu Makwarela to create a dynamic duo of celeb screenwriters who have earned remarkable recognition in the SA entertainment scene. The talented duo met on the set of Muvhango and has gone ahead to float a popular film production company known as Tshedza Pictures.

Talking about their collaboration, Phathu narrated how he and Beynon didn’t take to each other initially, but they were eventually brought together by their mutual passion for storytelling. Since they joined arms, the two have been achieving great feats.

Masasa Mbangeni Confesses To Have Been In A Very Bad Relationship In The Past

At a point in her life, Masasa Mbangeni who was formerly tight-lipped on her love life, just had to spill the beans on her past relations, which was so bad, according to the scandal actress. Describing her past dalliance as the Mount Kilimanjaro of all her bad relationships put together, the Cape Town native said it was all influenced by the difficult and complex relationship she had with her father. Comparing her life with that of other girls who see their dad as their first love, Mbangeni said hers was far from good. For the entertainer, her relationship with her father has always been a co-dependent one where she needs to prove herself and also prove she was good enough to merit love and care.

This co-dependency, according to the actress, translated into her future, and on realizing it, she had to resort to therapy to heal herself as she couldn’t continue in that path that attracted only narcissists.

Speaking on her new relationship, Masasa Mbangeni, who failed to mention the man involved in the afore-stated bad relationship, said it was different this time around. She described herself as being in a great space in a relationship that feels right and equally symbolic as she can now give and receive love. Going on, the scandal actress narrated how she worked on her inside so she could cope and feel better on the outside. She even expressed gratitude to the relationship that put her through hell as it opened her eyes to the reality of her situation.

According to Mbangeni, if she hadn’t experienced hell at the hand of her past boyfriend, she would have just continued on what she described as a downhill spiral of self-hate, completely devoid of self-worth, and would constantly be on the lookout for that external source of confirmation and affirmation of her existence.

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