Does Nay Maps Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Nay Maps has never been married; hence he does not have a wife and is not dating anyone. This has raised some suspicions about his sexuality, especially after he was spotted on a baecation with a male friend. He quickly addressed the rumors and stated that he was straight and that the person in the photos is a close friend. 

Despite being popular on the silver screen and vocal about his family (parents and sibling), Nay Maps is very private about his life and keeps fans in the dark about his love life. He has never posted any pictures of the woman in his life. As a result, many assumed he was single until September 2020, when he shocked everyone by dropping a wedding picture and introducing a musician with the Instagram handle @_iamdot as his wife. When the picture first broke the internet, many assumed the picture should be from one of his latest movies, a stunt, or possibly a very big joke. Find out. 

Is Nay Maps Really Married To DOT?

Well, just as many speculated the picture Nay shared introducing @_iamdot as his “Makoti” was actually not real; it was a behind-the-scenes image from the music video shoot for Dot’s single, titled Makoti. In the video, Nay Maps played the love interest. So, the picture was just for the music video and nothing more; the duo has never dated nor have they been married.

Dot’s real name is Nomcebo Mthethwa and asides from being a musician, she is also a TV presenter and an actress. She is popular as a presenter on Trace TV and for her role on Uzalo. She is from Empangeni, Kwazulu-Natal.

So, Who Is Maps Dating?

If he isn’t married, he must be dating someone at the moment right? Well, we are sorry to burst your bubbles, the Uzalo is completely single at the moment and must be ready to mingle if he finds the right person.

There have been so many rumors and speculations flying around from time to time about the actor being hitched but that is expected, considering how handsome and eligible the bachelor is. So y’all young ladies can relax, your handsome crush might still be very much single as he hasn’t announced any plans of getting married soon.

History Of Nay Maps’ Past Relationships

Owning to the fact that Nay is a very private person, it is almost difficult to get information about his private life. Notwithstanding, here are some facts about the actors’ past rumored/speculated relationships.

According to sources, the actor was in a relationship with an undisclosed lady before joining the cast of Uzalo. The relationship reportedly lasted three years but hit the rock before he joined Uzalo; the reason for the break-up is unknown. In 2016, there were speculations that he and his co-start, Gugu Zulu were an item but the beautiful actress was quick to debunk the rumor before it saw the light of the day.

The actor was once interviewed on ECR’s #TheBreakfastHookUp where he revealed that he was willing to take one lucky woman from KwaZulu-Natal on a date if she was able to convince the Breakfast Hook Up team that she deserves a shot.  “I want to give a lucky listener the opportunity to go on a date with me… This is open to everyone; I think that each and every lady is beautiful in their own way.” 

Interested ladies were to send a voice note to the official Breakfast Hook Up Whatsapp line, following this announcement, the line was on fire as ladies sent voice notes for a chance to go on a date with the handsome actor. The actor finally had to choose a date from all the beautiful ladies that sent in their entries and that has been it.

There haven’t been any other news or rumors of the actor being linked to or hitched with anyone ever since.

His Sexuality Was Once Questioned

In 2021, the actor’s sexuality was questioned after some pictures of him on a baecation with a male friend surfaced online. A Twitter user had shared the pictures with a caption that read “Nay Maps looks good nendoda yakhe shem jealous down. Baecation,”  that suggested that Maps was on a vacation with his “boyfriend”.

In one of the pictures, the two men were wearing matching outfits and hairstyles, and in another, they had matching shades cruising in a yacht and having the time of their lives. The pictures actually raised eyebrows with fans wondering if the actor was gay.

Nay Maps would later clear the air, stating that although he was seen spending time with a fellow man, it doesn’t mean that there is anything romantic going on between them; they are only friends, more like brothers and nothing more. About his sexuality, he says he is a straight guy, not gay or bisexual.

Does The Actor Have Kids?

With no girlfriend and currently no wife, there has also been no information of the Uzalo actor having any child. He is probably more focused on building his career, not just as an actor but also as a TV presenter, model, businessman, and most recent musician.

The actor who recently ventured into music has his parents who are ministers and are into music to thank. Although Nay Maps is yet to release a single or an album of his own, he has done quite an impressive job with covers of some popular songs. He also revealed in an interview that going forward, he will be taking his love/passion for music a little more seriously.

The actor is family-oriented, he adores his family (mom and sister) so much that he seizes every opportunity to celebrate and flaunt them online. He recently had the opportunity to stand in for his late father and give out his only sister in marriage and that meant the whole world to him.



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