Does Rema’s Net Worth Reflect His Years In The Music Industry?

Rema, one of the fastest-growing young music artists in Africa and Nigeria in particular, is
reported to have generated an estimated net worth of $1,000,000. Interestingly, this fortune is made from just two years of lots of live performances, shows, and endorsements. The young musician has really given his counterparts a run for their money since he appeared in the spotlight.

Since the launch of his musical career in 2019 under Don Jazzy’s label Mavin Records, Divine Ikubor’s fame has grown tremendously. However, there have been arguments and counter-arguments regarding his net worth. Many point fingers at the fact that he is very young, wondering how possible it is for him to have generated such a fortune at this tender stage of his music career. Others argued that Rema is a talented artist whose music and popularity have grown over the last two years and that he has worked so hard for the fame and money he now enjoys.

The Biggest Source of Rema’s Net Worth of $1 Million is Music

Rema’s popularity and fame keep going up with each passing year and that has reflected in the net worth the artist generated. According to Forbes, the young musician has an estimated net worth of $1 million and he only officially launched his musical career in 2019. His net worth has increased tremendously in the last two years but how has he achieved this is what many keep asking, seeing he is barely two years in the industry.

Rema’s net worth is majorly from his music career. Although he is yet to release an album, his many singles and EPs, as well as live performances and shows have earned him a lot of money. He has worked so hard for the money he now has and owes no one any explanation on how he spends it. The way Rema lives is a direct reflection of how much money he earns, considering the number of expensive cars in his collection of cars.

He Started Singing In A Church Group

Rema’s story is not so different from that of many artists who began from either a church choir or a band. According to the singer in an interview, he discovered his love and passion for music when he was installed as a youth leader for a program called “Rap Nation” in his local church Christ of Mercy church Benin city Nigeria. He had to teach children how to rap. The now popular singer said looking back to his days as Rap Nation coach, he wasn’t really that good but he got better as time went on.

Throughout his school days, he continued in his quest to pursue a career in music by forming his own live band. He was invited to perform in shows at churches, schools, and other events. Through such shows, his popularity grew on the streets of Benin City and it wasn’t so long before the youngster’s talent caught the attention of the CEO of Jonzing World Records, D’Prince, who is the younger brother of the renowned singer and producer Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records.

The Viral Freestyle That Announced Rema To The World

In 2018, Rema recorded a freestyle of D’Prince’s “Gucci Gang,” on Instagram. The video went viral and didn’t just catch the attention of music lovers around the globe but also caught the attention of D’Prince, who revealed to sources how thrilled he was about Rema’s raw and genuine talent. The Joining World’s CEO was so impressed that he introduced the young Rema to his elder brother Don Jazzy. Subsequently, a contract was signed in 2019, ushering the young talent to fame and the limelight.

The video is still being watched to date, it has garnered thousands of views and comments on Instagram.

His First Single Iron Man Made It To Barack Obama’s 2019 Summer Playlist

He gained more popularity in 2019 after releasing his first single Iron Man, a song that was selected and included by former US president Barack Obama on his 2019 summer playlist. Speaking on his Iron Man song being on the former U.S President’s 2019 playlist Rema said “It’s amazing being the only Nigerian artist there. I don’t know anybody in the White House or in the American government, How did my music walk so far to his doorstep?”

Within the same year, he released his debut EP Rema, which peaked at number one on Apple Music Nigeria for several months. On the 19th of October 2019, Rema shook the Nigerian music scene by clinching the Next Rated Award at the 13th edition of The Headies. The young artist had a good outing in the year 2020 as he was awarded the SoundCity MVP Award for the Best New Artist in January. Five months later, he got a nomination in the Best Viewers Choice: International Act category on the 2020 BET Awards. He was nominated for the awards alongside two other famous Nigerian acts Burna Boy and Wizkid, as the only Nigerian artists nominated for the 2020 edition of the awards.

He has remained with Jonzing World/Mavin Records since he came on board in 2019.  His Record label has done so well in pushing his songs to the world and they are to thank for the fame he enjoys today. Although he is yet to have a full album, the singer so far has 4 EPs and 23 singles to his name. His singles include:

  • “Iron Man” (2019)
  • “Why” (2019)
  • “Dumebi” (2019) 
  • “Corny” (2019)
  • “Boulevard” (2019)
  • “American Love” (2019)
  • “Spiderman” (2019)
  • “Trap Out The Submarine” (2019)
  • “Bad Commando” (2019)
  • “Lady” (2019)
  • “Rewind” (2019)
  • “Spaceship Jocelyn” (2019)
  • “Dumebi Remix” (featuring Becky G) (2020)
  • “Beamer (Bad Boys)” (2020)
  • “Rainbow” (2020)
  • “Fame” (2020)
  • “Ginger Me” (2020)
  • “Alien” (2020)
  • “Woman” (2020)
  • “Peace Of Mind”(Featuring Loopking) (2020)
  • “Bounce” (2021)

The bubbly, melodic “Dumebi,” has remained one of his biggest hits so far. The single has more than 20 million streams on Spotify alone.

Rema Boosts His Net Worth Through Endorsements

Asides from making a lot of money from his singles, EPs, live shows, and performances, Rema also has his endorsements to thank for his increasing net worth. Below are the endorsement deals the singer is currently signed to:

  • HP

The singer is currently a flag bearer for two international Brands HP and BMW. In September 2019, the artist signed an endorsement deal with the HP brand and he appears to be the first Nigerian celebrity to be endorsed by the brand.

  • BMW

In June 2020, the artist was awarded ₦34 million worth of GAC SUV car, having won the Next Rated Award at the 2019 Headies. He also received a BMW Beamer and was awarded an Honorary Membership Award from the BMW Club of Nigeria for his commitment to promoting the brand in his hit single, “Beamer” (Bad Boys).

Between Rema, Joeboy, Zlatan, and Naira Marley, Who Is Richer?

The Nigerian music industry has turned into a gold mine for talented stars in the country and beyond. These artists earn millions and their sources of income are not limited to the music they push out from the studio. Joeboy, Zlatan, and Naira Marley are some of the reigning kings in the music scene right now and they have leveraged their fame to explore other sources of income to boost their net worth.

Joeboy who put pen to paper on a deal that runs into millions with Samsung has an estimated net worth of about $2.5 million. Meanwhile, Zlatan has an estimated net worth of $2 million and Naira Marley’s net worth is estimated at $2.2 million. Apparently, Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley, and Joeboy are richer than Rema. The outcome is highly expected since they started their music careers long before him. However, he is barely two years into his official music career and it is expected that his net worth will from the number of endorsement deals, tours, and stage performances he has been accumulating.

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