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Anne Marie is one Singer who has won fans all over the world with her powerful voice as well as charismatic personality. The English crooner has also endeared herself to many with her catchy songs which explore both the good and bad sides of love. However, what about her own love life? Is she dating anybody? Is she married? All these and more facts about the Rockabye singer are explored below.

How old is Anne Marie?

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson was born on the 7th of April 1991 in Somerset, Essex, England. Her father is an Irishman named Wayne Nicholson while her mother is an Englishwoman named Susan J Thompson. The singer also has a sister named Samantha. Anne Marie grew up in Essex and started taking dance classes as a child. She also dabbled into music theatre, and took part in productions such as Les Miserable and Whistle down the Wind. At the age of 12, the multitalented Anne Marie happened upon the flyer of a local karate club. She took part in a few sessions and discovered that she had a natural aptitude for it. The young girl therefore continued with the sport for the next four/five years and won several laurels at international and national levels. The singer has since revealed that karate gave her the much needed focus and discipline for her music career.

How did Anne Marie become famous?

At the age of 17, Anne Marie decided to go back to her first love which is music. She commenced musical theatre studies at college and also sang in talent shows. The determined young lady eventually landed a studio session at Elton John’s Rocket Studios and was so impressive that she was given a record deal with John’s management company. Anne Marie immediately got to work and dropped her first demo, Summer Girl, in 2013. The electro-pop effort garnered some positive reviews but disclosed that she still had work to do. She thus spent the next two years working with other musicians such as Rudimental, Gorgon City and Magnetic Man. The Essex native eventually dropped her debut EP, Karate EP, in 2015. She followed it up with hit songs, such as Do It Right and Alarm, and became a household name in the U.K.

Anne Marie eventually rose to international stardom after being featured in Clean Bandit’s song, Rockabye, alongside the legendary Sean Paul. Rockabye topped the charts in both Europe and Australia, and broke into the top ten in North America. Since then, the crooner has dropped her debut full-length album, Speak Your Mind, which has spurned hits such as Perfect, Bad Girlfriend and Machine. The Rockbye singer has also received several awards including the 2017 MTV brand new award, the Jack Daniel best new comer award, best global track at the NDM Radio Awards, best pop at the 2019 Global Awards, artist of the year at the 2019 Remarkable Women Awards etc.

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Anne Marie
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Does the singer have a husband or is she dating anyone?

Anne Marie is one lady who fervently believes in love, and this does not come as a surprise seeing as her parents have been together since they were 14-year olds. The Rockabye crooner is however private about her love life and is not one to name names. She had previously disclosed in a 2016 radio interview that she had a boyfriend and that he was into music as well. The singer also stated that she couldn’t name him as he was quite well-known. It is however most likely that this relationship is now over as the singer referenced a cheating ex, who happens to be a musician, in her 2017 single, Ciao Adios. Meanwhile, Anna Marie disclosed in a 2018 interview that she is equally attracted to both men and women. The singer however rejects the label of bisexual as she believes that every human being alive can be attracted to both men and women.

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Mental Health

One thing that people love about Anne Marie is her courage in dealing with metal issues. The singer struggled with anxiety starting from the age of 12. She always fretted over her looks and would often put on so much makeup to hide herself. This pattern continued even when she started her career. The singer eventually relied on therapy, as well as the influence of the strong women around her, to get over the feelings. The Rockabye singer has also been diagnosed as an empath. This is a psychological condition in which the sufferer absorbs people emotions and situations as if it is their own. The singer relies on her music, as well as therapy, in order to deal with the condition.

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