Zimbabwe Rescues Fifteen Women Who Were Forced Into Domestic Slavery From Kuwait

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Zimbabwe has successfully rescued about 15 women who were enticed with job offers abroad only to find themselves victims of domestic slavery.

Zimbabwe’s government sounds a note of warning to the people advising them to be cautious and more hesitant in accepting job offers abroad. It is believed that about 200 Zimbabwean women have been trafficked to Kuwait and forced into domestic slavery. They believe they are going to ‘legally’ make ends meet. But on their arrival, they discover that they are stuck, stranded and regarded as mere properties.

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A while ago, Zimbabwe prosecuted 7 human traffickers. Their specialty was to deceive women into believing they had better economic chances in foreign countries. They assure the young women of well-paying waitress and housemaids jobs in Kuwait. And as desperate as these women are, they buy the deception and become stuck in environments where they are abused and maltreated.

“We are not being given enough food here and we are harassed and beaten all the time,” – Victim

On worse scenarios, the victims are used as baits to extort money from their families back home. This has always been a possibility in cases of illegal migrations. In Yemen for instance, most illegal African migrants become victims of human trafficking, smuggling and commercial prostitution for the females. They are greatly tortured and abused. Thus trafficking and smuggling make up about 80 percent of the Yemen’s economy.

Early this year, Uganda backed out of her bilateral agreements with Saudi Arabia. Uganda prohibited her citizens to desist from taking up jobs as domestic workers in the Middle East nation. This was as a result of the overflowing allegations of domestic slavery. The idea was to employ Ugandans in the nation under favorable socio-economic conditions. They were supposed to be employed in oil firms too. But the outcome became so appalling that the Ugandan government had to counter the bilateral relations.

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It appears the Arab-African “bilateral” relations do not always go well. It is a fact that African (blacks in general) and Asian migrants are core victims of domestic slavery in Arabic nations. Africans should beware of this.