Dominique Capraro – Bio, Facts, Is He Engaged Or Married To Michelle Phan?

Endowed with an alluring physique, Dominique Capraro is perhaps every girl’s dream guy. The hunky Swiss is a model who at first glance, appears to have it all. Though he is a star to watch out for in the entertainment industry, Capraro is best recognized as Michelle Phan’s long term beau. Find out answers to frequently asked questions about the model including his relationship with the famous YouTuber.

Dominique Capraro – Bio

A Swiss man, Dominique Capraro from Visp was born on May 16, 1988. Though a public figure, there is a scarcity of information regarding his parents, siblings, family background, and elementary education. However, it is common knowledge that the hunky model is of mixed ethnicity as he has paternal Italian heritage and maternal Swiss-Austrian heritage.

Going by Capraro’s academic records, it is apparent that he is art-inclined. He is an alumnus of the Universite de Lausanne where he studied art history. He later proceeded to the College de Abbaye de St Maurice but it is uncertain what exactly he studied at the latter institution. Interestingly, Dominique’s entertainment career unofficially began during his days as an undergraduate. In addition to modeling, he is a talented dancer although he initially didn’t plan to turn his passion into profit. Capraro is currently signed to a Chicago-based modeling agency, Jaffa Models.

Is He Engaged Or Married To Michelle Phan?

Dominique Capraro has been in a longterm relationship with famous YouTuber Michelle Phan. The pair’s love journey dates back to 2008 when they first crossed paths in a Parisian coffee shop. They were no doubt attracted to each other from the outset, but Dominique and Michelle’s romance wasn’t an immediate one. They took their time to get to know each other and officially became an item two years after their first meet.

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan
Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan
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It was after they began dating that Dominique relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to Michelle. This also marked the beginning of his modeling and acting career. Perhaps because of their budding careers at the time, the lovebirds chose to keep their romance under the radar. But after appearing in several of Michelle’s YouTube videos and vlogs, the chemistry between the pair could not go unnoticed.

Fans were agog with speculations leaving Dominique and Michelle with little or no choice to clear the air. They officially went public about their romance in 2012 with a viral video on Michelle’s YouTube channel. Thereafter, the Swiss model became a regular face in his girlfriend’s videos including a very famous one where he showcased his creative skills by transforming her face with makeup.

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Later into their relationship, the lovebird made a conscious decision to keep their relationship offline with Dominique appearing less in her videos. But if their old and recent online videos are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that the couple has enviable chemistry both on and off the screen. Together, they have helped build each other’s careers and continue to cohabit in their Los Angeles home.

In mid-2019 rumors began to swirl that Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan were engaged. However, the rumors remained unconfirmed as neither party chose to speak about it. In fact, in a 2017 interview, Phan had disclosed that they are not in a rush to get married and have kids. For now, the lovebirds both seem more focused on building their careers and fans can only wish their love story ends happily ever after!

About Michelle Phan

Dominique Capraro’s girlfriend is a famous American-Vietnamese YouTuber. The autodidact make-up artist, voice actress, and entrepreneur was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 11, 1987. Michelle first kicked off her internet career on Xanga with the alias Rice Bunny. Though she gained relative fame on the site with her makeup sketches and videos, Phan sought a bigger platform. She later made the switch to YouTube where her sensational makeup tutorial videos such as the Lady Gaga Bad Romance and the Lady Gaga Poker Face, brought her even bigger fame. Encouraged by the views, reviews, and teeming fanbase, Phan went on to launch a beauty purpose subscription service called My Glam where she advertises products for top cosmetics brands in her videos. With tons of videos and millions of cumulative views, Phan as of May 2019, holds the title as the female YouTuber with the second most subscribed channel.


1. Dominique Capraro may not have won any titles nor awards yet, but he has achieved enviable feats in his career. Among others, the hunky model was once a runner-up for the Mr. Switzerland contest from the canton of Valais.

2. The handsome Swiss model/dancer is endowed with an alluring physique. He towers at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches, complemented by weight of about 77 kg. His other body measurements are chest – 40 inches and waist – 32 inches.

3. Dominique Capraro is a star to watch out for in the modeling industry. Through hard work and dedication, he is working to get to the peak of his career. While Capraro’s earnings from his different endeavors have not been disclosed, his financial value is believed to be less than that of his partner. A successful YouTuber and businesswoman, Michelle Phan’s net worth is pegged at $5 million.

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