Robot Pizza Delivery Will Soon Be A Thing

Robots are forever making things easier for us humans. When technology and one of our favorite junk foods come together, we get a pizza delivery robot.

The credit goes to Domino’s. The pizza outlet has created the first ever pizza delivery robot service in the world. The robot is being called the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) and is set to undergo testings in New Zealand, a date has not been set yet.

The DRU contains a heated compartment that stores up to 10 pizzas and keeps them piping hot– just as we like them. It also has the ability to drive up to 12.5 miles, or 20 km from a shop.

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The self-driving robot possesses sensors that identify road obstacles and avoids them, it can also move on roads and pavements. It might seem naive of Domino’s to expect a pizza carrying robot to not be attacked by thieves or people who decide to take more than what they ordered for. However the creators may have thought about this, so they created a code which is unique for every order. The robot returns to its store to recharge once the delivery is completed.


“DRU is cheeky and endearing and we are confident that one day he will become an integral part of the Domino’s family,” the chain’s New Zealand general manager Scott Bush said.

“He’s a road to the future and one that we are very excited about exploring further.”

This is not the first time Domino’s has thought outside the box to improve the ease of pizza delivery service. It has tested drone delivery, the Domi-no driver and a delivery car which can store up to 80 pizzas. Also an Easy Order button was created last year to help those who find using a phone to place an order stressful.

We look forward to hearing the success of the pizza delivery robot service. Its size means it can easily avoid traffic, and to those who have trust issues, having a pizza delivery robot would mean less fears on the probability of having a serial killer on your doorstep.

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