Don Knotts Net Worth Since He Featured On The Andy Griffith Show

You are not likely to find many television actors who are more beloved than the deceased comedian and actor Don Knotts. The star of The Andy Griffith Show tickled funny bones, as well as found a place in many hearts while giving expression to the character of Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on the show. The West Virginian native’s career was not restricted to the show, he made several Broadway appearances, played leading roles in Disney classics, performed several skits, anchored TV shows, and many more. His career which spanned for half a century saw him on the set of 25 movies and seven TV shows. This piece is based on Don Knotts’ net worth since he featured on The Andy Griffith Show.

His Career Journey

Don Knotts
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Don Knotts’ first contact with the world of showbiz became a reality in 1953 when the then-budding entertainer showed up in Search for Tomorrow – a cleanser opera which ran from 1953 to 1955. He wasted no time in joining Man in the Road – Steve Allen’s assortment show that earned him some distinction. Knotts stayed on the show for several years but later left in 1960. Between 1955 and 1957, the popular comedian bagged a couple of roles on No Time for Sergeants (the Broadway play adaptation). Andy Griffith’s movie variant of the play took him on in 1958 which was the beginning of his journey with the popular television show.

However, Don Knotts got his big break in 1960 when he had an offer from the show producer, Andy Griffith, who offered him leeway to champion the sitcom popularly known as The Andy Griffith Show. The show which took off in 1960 endured till 1968 with Knotts portraying the character of Barney Fife, earning five Emmys for his efforts. However, Knotts didn’t stay with the sitcom till the end; the comedian had to depart after five seasons.

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Don Knotts also went on to play other satire roles which include It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, and The Shakiest Gun in the West. The Emmy award-winner also played major roles in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Reluctant Astronaut, and The Love God? He equally appeared on Three’s Company, How to Frame a Figg, Return to Mayberry, and a whole lot more.

Don Knotts Net Worth Since He Featured On The Andy Griffith Show

Although he has long passed on, Don Knotts’ net worth is still a matter of popular interest. Fans still want to know how much the comedian earned through his acting career, especially since he exited The Andy Griffith Show which triggered remarkable publicity.

According to the available records, the actor cum comedian’s wealth following his departure from The Andy Griffith Show was in excess of $20 million. Knotts amassed his massive wealth through his heydays in showbiz. Besides, the veteran is on record as one of the greatest Primetime Emmys award-winners of all time. He swept a total of five Emmys for his role on The Andy Griffith Show, giving life to the character of Barney Fife, beating icons like Tim Conway, Robert Redford, Barbara Hale, and George C. Scott. The 1979 Television Guide ranked him no 27 among the 50 Biggest TV Stars of All Time.

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Why Don Knotts Left Andy Griffith Show

According to the veteran comedian, he had to take the decision to quit the show because he initially believed that Andy was set to bring the series to an end after the fifth season. Knott himself even hinted on the possibility of wrapping the show up at the end of season five, a wish which he expressed repeatedly. Thus, during the production run for that season, the famed comedian got busy exploring another career line on the big screen which got him talking with the likes of Universal Pictures.

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When Andy went contrary to Knott’s wishes and decided to keep the show running for three more years, the comedian chose to go with his movie career which he launched by signing a movie contract with the studio for half a decade. As he moved into the movie world, Don Knotts’ net worth kept on increasing in leaps and bounds, and by the time of his death on the 24th of February 2006, the veteran entertainer already earned a place among the crème de la crème of the entertainment world.

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