The final showdown of Republican party nominee, Donald Trump, and rival Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has gone down and although the debate was memorable for many reasons, we are here for what Donald Trump had to say about African-Americans.

During the latest Presidential debate, Donald Trump made a promise to do more for African-Americans if he wins than his rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, would ever manage to do in a lifetime.

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He first made a claim that neither Hilary Clinton nor President Barack Obama had made much impact on the African-American community and then went on to make a promise that somehow manages to read like an insult.


In his usual blustering manner, Donald Trump said of African-Americans;

“Our inner cities are a disaster. You get shot walking to the store. They have no education. They have no jobs. I will do more for African-Americans and Latinos than she can ever do in 10 lifetimes.”

He also said that Hilary Clinton just wanted their votes and would not do anything for them. In his words;

“All she has done is talk to the African-Americans and to the Latinos. After they get your votes and then they come to say we’ll see you in four years.”

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Despite his promise to help African-Americans, he however, said that his administration would not take care of illegal immigrants or their debts. His big caution against casting a vote for Hillary Clinton centered around Americans getting four more years of Barack Obama. In essence, Clinton’s administration would be a continuation of Obama’s administration.

Meanwhile, in her own remarks at the debate, Hillary Clinton pledged to reach out to all Americans irrespective of their affiliations.