Donald Trump’s Handwriting Is Now A Free Font

Somedays, the American elections are the most interesting thing to follow in the media and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, is very often the reason why.

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With his mostly unscripted rants and outlandish statement’s, Donald Trump can set tongues wagging and hands clicking away at keyboards discussing his latest move. The final Presidential debate saw Donald Trump in one of his, now famous, temper tantrums which ended up in him tearing up his notes.

Trump's Sexual Assault Allegations

Curious about the content of those notes? Well, we can’t help you with that but his actions have led to BuzzFeed creating a Donald Trump handwriting font.

The Donald Trump handwriting font was created by BuzzFeed graphic designer Mark Davis who pulled some source images from Trump’s scribbles on a Vanity Fair article. Called the BF Tiny Hand, it is actually available for free download and you can get it on Dropbox.

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The Daily Dot describes it typographically as a “bizarre blend of a high school girl’s bubbly writing and an architect’s precisely measured capitals”. Which sounds very much like Donald Trump himself, who often seems to start things off all controlled and measured before finally losing his cool and devolving into a child.

Donald Trump Handwriting

If you want to use the BF Tiny Hand for yourself, you can download it from Dropbox and then unzip the file, install it to your local font library, and then type away in the word processor of your choice.

We would suggest you use it to tweet…a lot. That seems to be Donald Trump’s favorite pastime after all and what other way would be more fitting in honoring the man behind the font than using it like he would.