Mugabe Positive Trump Will Restore Zim-US Ties

With Trump becoming the next President of the United States, some African countries are curious to see what this would mean for their relationship with the United States, considering Trump’s racist remarks about African countries. President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe – who is not the biggest fan of the Obama administration – is positive that this would open up a better relationship between both countries.

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The Obama administration imposed several sanctions on some Zimbabwean individuals and firms associated with the ruling government which launched a crackdown on civilians and opposition to the government following an economic crisis.

Regardless of the sanctions imposed, the United States has occasionally provided help to the country, which is also deep in a food crisis, with help through initiative and programmes associated with USAID. The Zim government regardless, did not cease to blame all its problems on these sanctions.

The Zimbabwean government remains optimistic that following the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2016, Zim-US relations will be better.

“As a government, we were quite happy listening to Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech,” Mushowe said, welcoming what he saw as Trump’s pledge to work with every nation willing to cooperate with his administration.

“Zimbabwe has never had any quarrel with America and does not need to have any quarrel with America,” Chris Mushowe, the country’s information, media and broadcasting services minister, told the state-run Herald.

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Also, the Zimbabwean government showed relief at Hillary Clinton conceding to Donald Trump. According to the Herald, Clinton was a “warmonger” who contributed to the decline of Zim-US ties through support of the US sanctions against Zimbabwe.

However, it is notable that the President-elect Trump has made no mention of President Mugabe or the country of Zimbabwe so it is still unclear what his policy would be regarding the southern African nation.