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It is not every day that a teenager gets to take Hollywood by storm. However, if there is one teen that is doing that, it is Donshea Hopkins. The actress has acquired an impressive filmography in her young career. One of her most popular projects till date is the crime drama, Power. In it, she plays the beloved Raina St Patrick, daughter of lead character Ghost. Hopkins’ character was eventually killed off in the penultimate episode of season four and this upset many fans who called for her to be brought back. Find out more about Hopkins here including details about her parents, family life, and other interesting facts.

Donshea Hopkins Biography

Donshea Hopkins was born on the 2nd of March 2002 in Brooklyn, New York. There is not much information about her educational background except the fact that she was home-schooled by her mom. Hopkins fell in love with acting when she was just an infant. She loved watching shows such as Sesame Street and Barney; this made her want to be like the kids she saw in these shows.

When she started talking, she informed her mom that she wanted to act. At first, her mom did not take her serious but when she persisted in her request, her mom promised to support her all the way. Donshea Hopkins landed her very first role at the age of four. Coincidentally, it was on her favorite show Sesame Street where she portrayed herself. From Sesame Street, Hopkins moved on to the police procedural drama, Law and Order: SVU; this was in the year 2009. Since commencing her career, Hopkins has gone on to feature in some very popular TV series. They include Orange is the New Black, The Detour, Nurse Jackie, What Would You Do?, Team Umizoomi and Power etc.

Parents and Family Life

Donshea Hopkins and her mom: Instagram

There is not much information about Hopkins’ family background. Her parents’ name is not publicly available. There is also no information about any potential siblings she may have. However, if there is one thing that is obvious, it is the fact that Donshea Hopkins is very close to her mom. She never fails to express her love for her mom when she gets the opportunity. For instance, on the 8th of November 2018, she used her verified Instagram account to wish her mom a happy birthday.  She thanked her for being her “best friend, teacher and travel buddy”.

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Also, on the 19th of June 2017, she used her Facebook account to wish her mom a happy father’s day. She thanked her for being “a mom and a dad to her for the last 15 years”. Hopkins’ love for her mom is not surprising. Her mom supported her decision to go into acting. She also downsized her business so that she could dedicate time to her daughter’s ambitions. Additionally, it must be stated that from Hopkins’ posts, it is safe to assume that her father may be an absentee dad. She doesn’t mention him in her posts. Everything she does mostly involve her and her mom.

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Other Facts About The TV Actress

1. Donshea Hopkins is a multi-talented fellow. Apart from acting, she is also a dancer, model, and motivational speaker. There is seemingly nothing that this young lady cannot do.

2. Hopkins is also an excellent ice skater. She started skating at the age of four and has participated in some competitive events. Her skating career suffered a setback when she sustained an arm injury at the age of 11. However, she has not given up on it. She even hopes to make it to the Olympics someday.

3. The actress is also a singer and songwriter. She started singing when she was three and by six, was already penning her own lyrics. Donshea Hopkins also plays different instruments such as the piano and guitar.

4. She released her debut EP in 2016. It was titled 3Point2 and features at least six songs. They include “Talk to Em”, “Don’t Give Up”, “It was all a Dream”, etc. Her album is a fusion of pop, R & B and rap.

5. The Brooklyn native has revealed that her favorite actors are Zendaya and Shailene Woodley. Her favorite musicians include Beyoncé, Adele, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.

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