Doodling Is The Future Of Password Protection

For people who do a lot of work on their phones or just have personal data that they would rather not have out in the open, the technological world is still working to make sure your data is safe and secure and belongs only to you. Gone will be the days of forgetting pin combinations that you concocted to keep people out but now ironically keep you out, gone will be the time lapses between when you hurriedly grab your phone to get out something important and immediate and the time it actually takes you to get it out by the time you’re done remembering and typing up your clever password.

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A team at Rutgers University say that they have developed the first ever free form gesture password known more fondly as doodles. The password will let you draw passwords in any shape or with any number of fingers, don’t you just feel like gushing at the possibilities? Well, even if you do not, the person who wants to get in to your phone illegally will probably be stumped by them.

Bi quyet-ve doodle (2)

The system will differ from current pattern based unlock systems as it has a far greater number of combinations and variants. They will also be faster than traditional passwords, in essence easy to remember, but hard to guess. In the step up to its creation, 91 participants in the study conducted created 347 text passwords and 345 gesture passwords with which they completed over 2000 logins during the research. The team found; participants saved time using gesture passwords and they likewise preferred them.


For now the system will most likely be constrained to only touchscreen mobile phones but with time the reach will be expanded and it could be used on touchscreen laptops and other similar devices.

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