Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs in Kenya

Unlike a few years back, the music industry in Kenya has become quite vibrant. This is clearly illustrated by the increase in a number of artistes as well as good recording labels. In addition, Kenyans are downloading more music via the internet. There’s no better place to begin your collection of the best in Kenyan music than here. We’ve got “this feeling” some of these songs are really tired of playing by now, if you’ve not listened to any of them, here’s an opportunity to do so.

Here Are The Most Downloaded Songs in Kenya:

1. Black Star by Octopizzo

This song was released early 2014. From the onset, it has managed to capture the hearts of many music lovers. The song is done by one of Kenyan’s most promising rap and hip-hop artists. In the song, Octopizzo talks about his rise from abject poverty to a glamorous lifestyle. The song has consistently featured on the charts both locally and in the East African region.

2. I Run the 254 by Khaligraph Jones

Done by one of the young and upcoming artists in Kenya “I run the 254” is indeed a hit song. Other than being among the most downloaded songs, it has also been receiving a lot of airplay. The song also features other well-known artists and generally talks about ruling the music scene in Kenya.

3. Tulia by Wangechi featuring Rabbit

“Tulia” is a Kenyan term meaning relax. The song which was released in 2014 is well suited for the young at heart. It was done by one of the youngest female rap artists in Kenya, Wangechi. It also features “Rabbit” who is one of the most recognised new age rappers in Kenya at the moment.

4. Dumbala Remix featuring Jay A, DNA, V-sita, Sage, Kenrazy and Madtraxx

Dumbala remix is unarguably one of the most popular collabo in Kenya. It came on the hot heels of the original song which was well received. The original version was done by Sage and Jay-A. The remix features other popular artists who include Kenrazy, DNA, V-sita, and Madtraxx. All the featured artists apart from Sage are hip-hop and rap artistes.

5. Quality KA Hizo by Pizo Dizo featuring Mejja

“Quality ka Hizo” or simply “Those qualities” is still ruling the airwaves. The hit also features in most charts and is usually placed among the top five songs. Besides being one of the most talked about collabos in the Kenyan music scene, this song also brought together two well-known music production houses – “Pizo Dizo” representing the Grand Pa records and “Mejja” representing “Calif Records”.

6. Ni Guse by Rosa

“Ni Guse” is another nice song on the list of the top 10 most downloaded songs in Kenya. The singer behind the song, Rosa is an uprising gospel artist. However, this is the song that has exposed her singing talents to the world. The cool praise and worship song talks about seeking the hand of God in our daily life.

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7. Kioo by Jaguar

The song “Kioo” produced by the “Ogopa” deejays has had an impressive run in both local as well as the East African charts. The echo-making song by Jaguar means Mirror in English and it talks about reflections of life in Kenya. In addition to being a famous urban hip-hop artist, Jaguar is also one of the wealthiest musicians in Kenya.

8. Born Again by Eko Dydda

Born Again” is one of the most popular gospel songs in Kenya. The song will be heard over the radio, television, clubs, places of worship and many other places. The song was done by Eko Dydda who has disappeared from the music scene for a while. Besides his unique rap style, he is regarded as one of Kenya’s finest gospel hip-hop artist.

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9. My Baby by Chris Eeh Baba

My Baby is yet another gospel track that is taking the music scene in the region by storm. This is evident from the numerous requests, lots of airplay, and the ever-increasing number of people downloading the song. In the song, Chris Eeh Baba who is a gospel rap artist generally talks about the close relationship between him and his maker (God).

10. African Beauty by Nameless

After taking a long hiatus from the music scene, Nameless made a comeback with the song “African Beauty”. He is among the ageing musicians whose songs have always dominated the charts locally as well as regionally. The song is an urban pop song that gives praise to the African woman.

It is obvious that Kenyans are opting to download music directly from the internet. This is probably because it has become simpler and more user-friendly. Furthermore, the people have started to appreciate local music. Nonetheless, looking at the list of the top 10 most downloaded songs in Kenya, we can see that urban hip-hop appears to be the most preferred genre.

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