Dr Anyi Obi Is An African Proof That Vision Supersedes Prophecy

In a society where superstition and religious prophecies are common, it is no news that many have lost all touch with the option of self determination and confidence. As much as the world has its spiritual and mysterious sides, human thinking and reasoning still has its perks. Dr Anyi Obi shares his experience.

Dr Anyi Obi hails from the Igbo tribe in the eastern region of Nigeria. In what he displayed as his testimony on his birthday, the successful young man through hard work has disappointed the prophecy that we would amount to nothing academically.

At the tender age of 8, a so called prophet had visited his home for a prayer session. After the prayers, he looked at him and declared that he would be a failure as long as academics was concerned. As a remedy, he suggested that the boy be sent “to learn a trade” as an apprentice.

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As young as he was he felt his self-worth harmed. He cried and felt bad about the incident.

I wept that night because I knew the Vision I saw of myself.

In his testimony Dr Anyi Obi recalled his sister telling him to believe in his own vision of himself. The young boy took her words to heart and began to work towards it. Today he is living just like he envisioned, away from the negative prophecy.

“TODAY I am a graduate of Architecture with Masters and Doctorate(PhD) degree in the same field, which I graduated in both with First Class High Honours.”

Dr Anyi Obi is said to be the youngest PhD holder in Architectural Construction Technology from Nigeria. This would not have been possible if he swallowed the prophet’s words hook, line and sinker. He made a positive plan rather, and worked towards it. Acknowledging the fact that some other person somewhere might be having a hard time with negative prophecies, he concludes this way,

“Believe in yourself and know you can turn around any negative Prophecy over your life by keying into your Vision. I did it by God’s Grace and I know you can.”

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