Dr Lisa Masterson MD – Biography, Facts and Profile of The Doctors Co-Host

Dr Lisa Masterson is a medical doctor whose specialty are obstetrics, infertility, family planning, adult, and adolescent gynecology. Besides her impressive medical practice, she garnered popularity for being a co-host of the health talk show “The Doctors,” a role she held from 2008-2014. Amazingly, she has been nominated for 4 Emmy awards for her part in the show and the show itself has won an Emmy and several other awards. The doctor is very passionate about women issues and does a weekly podcast with the title “Health in Heels.” Read more about her bio and other facts below.

Dr Lisa Masterson’s Biography & Personal Profile

She was born in Louisiana as Lisa Marie Milner on the 19th of March 1966. Growing up and childhood generally was difficult for her because her parents separated and consequently got divorced when she was just 3 years old. Young Lisa chose to stay with her mother (Lavonne) and it became a struggle just living day to day. She recalls moving around a lot to save and stretch whatever money they had.

Despite their numerous challenges, her mother (Lavonne) understood the need for Lisa to have a quality education. Lisa rewarded her mother’s struggle by being dedicated to her studies which paid off for her later in life.

Dr Lisa Masterson went to some of the best private schools free of charge. She studied at The Bishops School, a very good private school at La Jolla, San Diego. She then proceeded to Mount Holyoke college Massachusetts, graduating with honors and bagged a degree in biochemistry. To achieve her life long dream of becoming a doctor, she did her residency programme in the University of Southern California and also received her Doctor of Medicine (MD) for Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the same university.

Interesting Facts about The Doctors Co-Host

1. Her Career Profile

The renowned gynecology specialist has made a name for herself as a force to reckon with when it comes to women’s health. She has an impressive career portfolio. Dr Lisa Masterson is a Fellow at the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Dr Lisa Masterson
Dr Lisa Masterson on The Doctors (image source)

She started her own medical spa (Ocean Oasis) where spa treatments, nutrition programs, and exercises tailored to different phases of a woman’s life are offered. She also has a private practice in Santa Monica. Lisa is also a staff of St. Johns Hospital, Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and UCLA. She does all these while being a co-host of The Doctors.

2. She is an Accomplished Writer

Dr Lisa Masterson is an accomplished writer. Asides her several medical articles that have been published in renowned medical journals. She also wrote a memoir titled “Paper Dollhouse” sharing about her rough childhood experiences. Dr Lisa is also an author of a guidebook for teenage girls, detailing the changes their body go through.

3. Charity Work

The doctor founded Maternal Fetal Care International (MFCI), a charity organization where she travels around the world for the improvement of maternal healthcare. This charity gave her the opportunity to address several United Nations Foundation’s Summits. She is also a part of the “Girl Up Program.” A program facilitated by the UN to encourage teenage girls to help raise money in support of education and health in impoverished areas all around the world.

In recognition of her hard work and contributions, she was awarded a “March of Dimes Golden Rattle Award” and the “Red Cross Humanitarian Award.”

4. Marriage

In the year 1990, during her first year in medical school, Dr Lisa Masterson married Stephen Vincent Masterson. They welcomed a son together 2 years later who they named Daniel Masterson. For a couple of years, they had a good marriage but the couple, unfortunately, parted ways. They have maintained a cordial and mutually respectful relationship because of their son.

5. Her Mother’s Death

Lisa had a close relationship with her mother who was her greatest inspiration and mentor. When she got the news of her mother’s cancer diagnosis she was devastated and tried all she could to save her. Unfortunately, her mother died a year after. She described the loss as the “greatest disappointments of her life” and fell into depression. Dr Lisa felt bad that she couldn’t save her mother despite being a doctor. Her mother’s death almost broke her. One of the things that made it very difficult for her to overcome her death was her mother’s “I don’t love you” statement on her death bed.

It was her son (Dan) who was then 3 years old that pulled her out of the depression. He told her that he wanted his mom back and she realized that she needed to be there for him the way her mother was for her. Since then, Dr Lisa Masterson continues to take the lead in medical discussions and treatment especially when it comes to women healthcare.


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