Dr Osato: The Nigerian Doctor Who Makes Drones For The United States’ Army

Nigerian Dr. Osatohanmwen Osemwengie, Dr Osato for short has been identified as the man who makes drones for the United States Military. Reports have it that the Edo state born doctor keeps an incredibly conscious low-profile since not a lot of people know him in connection to the magnitude of his work in the United States military.

The well read lover of knowledge reportedly has multiple graduate and masters degrees in Curriculum and Instructions; and software engineering respectively. He is the founder of the tuition-free engineering institution – Open Robotics University, the first of its kind, having for its purpose the harnessing and grooming of young engineering talents.

Dr. Osato

Drones are used for intelligence and national security services, detecting and taking out terrorist camps and fortresses. Drones have been beneficial to the military departments of some nations; with them, a lot of lives have been saved and spared from the ruthless killings and attacks from terrorists who are often religious extremists as with ISIS and their affiliations around the world.

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Drones are pilotless miniature aircrafts, technological inventions that can be employed to salvage communities and nations under gruesome terrorist attacks. It is an irony that Dr Osato hails from Nigeria, a country that has lost hundreds of thousands of lives to the Boko-Haram insurgency, but then, renders highly potential tech-services to tackle same situations in a developed country. This is a clear case of ‘Brain Drain‘ where Africa due to economic factors, looses her talents and great minds to developed countries and in turn employs mediocre skills and at most contract expatriates to occupy the ‘drained’ positions.

Without making this any fault of Dr Osato who left his home country in 1982, it will be worth it if Africans in diaspora offer assistance to their home nations in any way that they can. Imagine what having such a personality in the Nigerian security and intelligence department will do to the insurgency fight? Affording foreign talents other than ours will always be expensive and at such times when the economy is nothing to write home about, forgoing the option is a more feasible alternative.

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As much as we anticipate a tighter bond between Africa and her great minds in diaspora, we also implore the government to initiate policies with mutual interests that will found this union. In all, it is encouraging to know that a Nigerian, an African has gotten that far with his tech-skills. He has served in reputable academic positions and even globally recognized for his expertise in robotics.