Vuyane Mhlomi

Often we are told never to give up till the goal is achieved. Dr Vuyane Mhlomi’s success story shows it is possible to do just that. To dream and work for a future you want. has shown that life has a way of giving you something to work with as long as you are determined to arrive your destination.

He is proof that life has a way of giving you something to work with as long as you are determined to arrive at your destination.

The 29-year-old is living a dream no one thought was possible given his background. The “chief dreamer” as he calls himself is an inspiration to many for bringing his vision to life through undiluted efforts and persistence.

1. Vuyane Mhlomi Bio

Mhlomi hails from Khayelitsha, a partially informal township in Western Cape, South Africa. This is a location that holds no hope for many of its underprivileged indwellers.

But against all odds, the determined young man refused to settle for less or wallowing in despair.

“One of the greatest misconceptions I have heard, and have fought to abolish, is that nothing good can ever come from a township such as mine.”

Vuyane Mhlomi was one of 4 brothers in a family of 10 children. They were raised by their mother after the death of their father. His brilliance could not go unnoticed as he got accepted into medical school at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Vuyane Mhlomi

He literally made it to and through school by virtue of scholarships and student loans. In the midst of the hurdles, his mother suffered a stroke at one time.

Making it all worth it, Mhlomi was the third best graduating student in a class of 171 students. He was also awarded Dr Helen Brown Prize for being the second-best final-year student in clinical medicine. His academic excellence landed him a place on the dean’s merit list and medicine honors list.

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2. Vuyane Mhlomi Foundation

Not only does he want his place among the stars, Vuyane also wanted to make life easy for young people with academic potentials but have no means of acquiring education.

As soon as he graduated from medical school, he co-founded the MH Foundation with other young professionals. He has served in the capacity of the director from 2011 till date.

MH Foundation‘s objective is to create avenues for success in the lives of young people who experience limitations. The foundation “selects learners from various disadvantaged backgrounds and equips them with the resources to become well-rounded individuals”.

Mhlomi started the initiative with the funds he was awarded for his academic accomplishments.

Through this foundation, the young doctor with a generous heart wants to make available to others privileges that were both lacking and present in the course of actualizing his dreams.

“At UCT, I arrived as a young boy in orange board shorts and a blue Adidas vest and matured into a man with a burning desire to expose other people from a similar background to the same surreal world I am now living in.”

Dr Mhlomi hopes to instill the spirit of excellence, integrity, diligence, resilience, and philanthropy.

“The support and assistance provided by this foundation will hopefully empower these individuals, not only to progress academically, but also to encourage them to become mentors themselves.” 

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3. Vuyane Mhlomi Achievements

Vuyane Mhlomi

In 2011, Mhlomi graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBChB). That same year he was honored with the UCT Most Outstanding Leader in a Faculty Council Award.

He later proceeded to Oxford University where he recently(2017) obtained his DPhil (PhD). Mhlomi is working on his MBA at the prestigious university.

After setting up the foundation, Mhlomi joined the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in October 2014.

Did you know that the brilliant South African is not only gifted in the medical field? He happens to be an actor and an award-winning playwright.

Dr Vuyane Mhlomi is listed in Mail & Guardian Top 200 young South Africans.