DStv Ghana Compact Channels and How It Differs From Compact Plus

The true test of a product or service is its ability to cater to a wide range of customers regardless of socio-economic or financial class. This is one of the strong suits of DStv Ghana as their package options contain deals such as its Compact Channels that fit right at home with numerous customers.

For middle-class people, things can be especially tricky. They can afford above minimum subscriptions but not enough for the crème de la crème of the crop. This phenomenon has resulted in the popularity of two DStv Ghana Packages – Compact and Compact Plus. Both are top-notch choices for any potential customer. However, their similarities mean it can be tricky picking the most-suited package for you. That is why we have broken down each package to help you make an informed decision.

DStv Compact Plus Package

Cost – GHC 215

DStv Ghana Compact Channels
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DStv Compact Plus is very much the next best thing for subscribers who cannot afford the Premium Package. It represents excellent value for money because it has less than 15 channels than the Premium package, which means you won’t be missing much.

Despite being so close to the Premium package in terms of quality, it still comes in at GHC 135 cheaper every month, representing a great deal. The Compact Plus costs GHC 215 every month, and customers that wish to pay for the whole year ahead will have to part with GHS 2,365.

With over 70+ television channels and 67 audio channels, Compact Plus subscribers have access to the highest level of entertainment DStv Ghana has to offer. This package is especially great for sports lovers because it comes with access to a mammoth 14 sports channels displaying all kinds of sports.

DStv Compact Plus Channel List

As previously stated, the DStv Ghana Compact Plus comes with over 70 television channels. These channels cover everything in the world of entertainment, religion, and news. It is easy to stay updated and informed when you have the Compact Plus package, as every channel provides top-tier value. Below are some of the most exciting channels on the package in major categories:

  • General Entertainment – ROK, BET, MTV, FOX, E! Entertainment, CBS Reality, and BBC Brit.
  • Novellas – EVA, EVA+, Telemundo, Star Life, and Zee World.
  • Movie Channels – M-NET Movie Zone, TNT Africa, B4U Movies, and Studio Universal HD.
  • Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education Channels – lovers of nature, fashion, and gaining new knowledge will be chuffed with the 13 channels under this category. The most popular ones are NatGeo Wild, Food Network, Fashion One, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel.
  • Sports Channels – enjoy all kinds of sports to your satisfaction with the 14 dedicated sports channels on the Compact Plus platform. ESPN, ESPN 2, Supersport channels Premier League, La Liga, Football Plus, and WWE are some of the most mouth-watering prospects.
  • News – you are guaranteed to stay connected with all the events occurring worldwide with the news channels available at your disposal. BBC World News, CNN International, Sky News, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg Television are readily available.
  • Kiddies Entertainment – the Compact Plus Package does not slack when it comes to keeping kids entertained as the bouquet comes with 13 kiddies channels. Kids will be familiar with Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Jim Jam.
  • Music Channels – the vibe and groove remain constant with four explosive music channels in AFRO Music English, Trace Gospel, TRACE Jama, and MTV Base.

Other channel offerings include Africa Magic Showcase, Epic, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, along with 24/7 dedicated religious channels such as TBN, Emmanuel TV, Dove TV, Islam Channel, and SBN.

DStv Ghana Compact Package

Cost – GHC 145

DStv Ghana Compact Channels
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The DStv Ghana Compact Package is just a slight downgrade on the Compact Plus. Essentially, it is the Compact Plus devoid of the ‘Plus’. It lacks some of the Compact Plus’ quality offerings but not enough to render it a bad option. As a result, it has become a firm favorite among middle-class customers because it lets them stay connected to excellent entertainment service without paying exorbitant amounts. The Compact Package comes with over 65 television and 67 audio channels. It is an excellent option to fall back on at GHS 145 per month and GHC 1,595 per year.

There is something for everyone on the Compact Package, although it is not as heavy on Sports as the Compact Plus. So, if sports content is your priority, it might not be the best package for you. Still, movie, kids’ entertainment, and novella lovers will enjoy being subscribed to this package.

DStv Ghana Compact Package Channel List

While it is definitely not the Premium Package and not quite the Compact Plus package, there is still enough on offer from the Compact package to make it a compelling option. Check out some of its offerings below in some categories:

  • General Entertainment – there are 12 channels on offer under this category on the Compact package, with the most popular ones being MTV, Universal TV, FOX Life, E! Entertainment, and CBS Reality.
  • Novellas – the Compact package contains the same amount of novella channels as the Compact Plus. Telenovela lovers will have their favorite channels whether they subscribe to the Compact or Compact Plus packages. These channels include EVA+, EVA, Star Life, and Zee World.
  • Movie Channels – the movie channels remain the same on both packages, with M-NET Movie Zone, B4U Movies, TNT Africa, and Studio Universal all making an appearance.
  • Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education – despite being a bit lighter in this category, the Compact package still comes through with some high-quality channels like BBC Lifestyle, Food Network, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and NatGeo Wild.
  • Sports Channels – Unlike the Compact Plus that comes with 14 sports channels, the Compact package has just nine (9) channels dedicated to this category. They include ESPN, SuperSport channels Premier League, La Liga, Blitz, and Variety 4.
  • News – No noticeable drop in the quality of news channels available on the Compact package with CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Sky News all available.
  • Kiddies Entertainment – Kids Entertainment remains a top priority on the Compact package, with the same 13 channels available on the Compact Plus appearing. PBS Kids, Cbeebies, Da Vinci Kids, and Mindset are some of the channels on offer.
  • Music – Music quality remains consistent with four dedicated music channels in AFRO Music English, TRACE Gospel and Jama, and MTV Base.

The Slight Differences Between Compact Plus and Compact  Packages

While both packages share many similarities, customers looking to make a decision will do well to note that some differences exist between them. The most obvious difference is the price, as the Compact Plus is more expensive at GHC 215 per month and GHC 2,365 annually. In contrast, the Compact package costs GHC 145 monthly and GHC 1,595 per year.

Another difference is in the quality and number of channels. The Compact Plus contains more channels and offers more entertainment value than the Compact package. For customers that seek to know the exact channels available on the Compact Plus but missing on the Compact, the table below provides clarity.

Category DStv Ghan Compact Plus DStv Ghana Compact Missing Channels
General Entertainment 13 12 1 Magic HD
Documentary, etc. 13 9 History Channel, Discovery Channel HD, CBS Justice, CuriosityStream.
Sports 14 9 ESPN 2, Supersport Action, Variety 1 & 2, Football Plus.
News 10 8 Bloomberg Television, CNBC Africa


DStv Ghana Compact Plus Provides More Entertainment Value than Compact

Based on the comparison and analysis, it is clear to see that the Compact Plus offers more entertainment value than the Compact. This is because it covers more channels and offers more quality viewing. As a result, it costs more than the Compact.

If you don’t mind paying the extra GHC 70 more every month, then the Compact Plus remains the better option. However, suppose the subscriber is intent on saving money while still having access to several top-quality channels. In that case, the Compact Plus might be the way to go. The subscriber saves GHC 70 monthly or GHC 770 annually, depending on the subscription plan.

Regardless, one thing is for sure. Whatever package one chooses, there is sure to be plenty of value for money.

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