DStv Ghana Self Service – All The Things You Can Do on The Online Portal

As the leading cable television company on the continent, a vast array of TV channels is not the only thing that sets MutliChoice apart. The self-service feature, which gives subscribers full control of their decoder, is one other feature that DStv users, including those in Ghana, enjoy. From fixing errors to checking balance and making payments, there are a host of actions you can perform with the DStv Ghana self service option.

What’s more, access to this service comes at no extra cost to subscribers. All you need is a smartphone or an internet-enabled device and you too can have full control of your decoder.

To Use the DStv Ghana Self Service, You Need to Own a DStv Decoder

The robust design and uses of the DStv Ghana self service make it an attractive feature for anyone who enjoys ease of use. But it goes without saying that to take full advantage of it, you need to own a DStv decoder. This is because you need your smartcard number to login into the self service platform, either on the DStv app or website.

Your smartcard number is the ten-digit number on the far right of the smartcard row. You can also access it by simply pressing the OK button on your DStv remote, then selecting the Information Central option using the OK button.

Please note that although they perform the same function and belong to the same company, a smartcard number is different from an IUC number. The latter is only applicable for GOtv users and cannot be used interchangeably.

Once you have your smartcard number, simply head over to the DStv Ghana self service website or app, downloadable from the iOS store and Play Store. You do not need to register as your smartcard number is your registered unique ID. Simply enter your surname or mobile number (the one you supplied at the point of purchase) and smartcard number.

That is it, you are signed into the DStv Ghana self service platform, and you can now perform all kinds of actions with it. To recap, to use the self service, you need:

  • A Smartcard number
  • Internet-enabled device
  • Visit the self service website or MyDstv App

You Can Also Access the DStv Self Service Via WhatsApp

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With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is arguably the leading stand-alone messaging service in the world. This has made it part of the common ways international companies such as DStv render their services, including its popular self service option.

The company introduced the service in December 2019 to improve and streamline self service for its users. Using this platform, customers don’t have to leave their comfort zone to resolve their decoder-related issues. To use DStv Ghana self service on WhatsApp with every feature offered by the portal, simply follow these steps.

  • Add +233 024 242 6050 as a contact
  • Type Hi to bring out the list of services offered
  • Follow the prompt

Also, like other online portals, the DStv Ghana self service on WhatsApp is available 24/7. You can use it at any time of the day and week.

Everything You Can Do with the DStv Ghana Self Service and How to Do It

Once you have signed in, you can now perform a variety of actions that include fixing errors, make payments, check your transaction history, among others. Every action puts you in greater control of your decoder and is just as easy to use as signing into the service.

Make Payments

There are various ways to pay for your DStv package, but you can just as easily do so with the self service portal. Once you log into the service, click the ‘Make Payment’ option, and follow the prompt. The service assumes you are renewing your current DStv package and, thus, automatically enters the required amount.

If you wish to change your DStv package, the self service portal also provides this option.

Check and Change DStv Package

If you want to check the DStv package you are subscribed to, log in to the DStv self service portal. Once you are in, every information about your decoder and account is present on the dashboard, including your current DStv package.

The package subsection shows you the package price, status (active or inactive), and a way to change it. To change it, simply click the ‘Change Package’ option in the package subsection. Once there,

  • Click the drop-down button beside ‘Select a new package’
  • Select your preferred option from the listed packages
  • Click Next, and you will be taken to the payment page
  • Follow the prompts to complete your payment

Fix Errors (Reset Payments)

Unless you are a new customer, you are probably familiar with the DStv error codes. Before the DStv Ghana self service arrival, subscribers often had to call customer care to clear these codes. Now, you can do these easily with the self service portal.

All you have to do is login and go to the Fix Errors subsection. You will see the list of all three common errors – E30, E32, and E16, the latter of which typically occurs when a subscription expires. To reset payment and clear the error code, click on the E16 box and simply press ‘fix now’.

Repeat the same process to clear other errors. If you face any issue outside of the three error codes, you can also use the self service portal to reach out to customer care.

Customer Care (Contact Us)

Unlike other self service features, the Contact Us option serves only as a shortcut to a list of ways to reach the DStv Ghana customer care. Once you log in to the portal, selecting the ‘Contact Us’ subsection will take you to the Contact Us page on the official DStv Africa website.

There, you will be able to select any of your preferred options when it comes to reaching out to customer service. The options include phone, email, physical address, WhatsApp, and Contact Form.

Check Transaction History and Edit Details

On the DStv Ghana self service, you can also check your payment history if you have any issues or want to know how much you spend on subscriptions over a period. Simply select the transaction history subsection and you will have a list of your previous payments. Please note that as of now, the section only reveals the last 180 days of subscription.

Also, if you made a mistake or would like to edit your account details, there is an Edit Details subsection on the self service portal. There, you can edit information like your house address, city, country, name, and mobile number. To do this, click the Edit Details subsection and click the edit icon on the top right corner.

Rent Movies and Access Showmax

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Along with its regular TV channels, MultiChoice also has a Box Office service where subscribers can rent the latest cinema movies. You can access this service via the DStv Ghana self service, which like everything else we have discussed so far, has its own subsection.

Just click the Rent Movies button, and you will be taken to a page where you can rent any movie of your choice. The good news? Your first movie is free. The cable company also has a streaming app, Showmax, where you can watch multiple films and shows for a small fee.

You can stream either on your laptop/PC or smartphone, and while you can use the app without a DStv decoder, having one gives you up to a 50% discount. Like the Box Office, you can access this by simply selecting the Showmax subsection and follow the prompt.

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