Duncan Road, Westville – Dad Takes The Bullet, Saves His Family From Robbers

Duncan Road, Westville – A Durban attack by robbers has seen the death of Gary Mackay, a family man who risked his life for his wife and children.

Report says that about 4 am, the 35-year-old web company manager heard noises in his home and went down to check what it was.

The young dad was accosted by 3 armed men. There was a struggle and he was shot in his abdomen. The hoodlums terrorized the rest of the family and made away with valuables in the house.

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Just last week, Gareth Newham, the head of governance, crime and justice division at the Institute for Security Studies warned South Africans to employ caution when fighting back criminals.

“It’s generally not recommended to fight back if the person who is confronting you is armed and you are not trained or you’re not trained to deal with that situation.” 

“Research that we have seen shows that in particular, robbery situations like house robberies, business robberies and even street robberies where victims have fought back, it more likely than not triggers violence from the perpetrator.”

Duncan Road, Westville

Sadly, Gary Mackay has added to the growing number of South Africans who have lost their lives fighting back robbers and intruders.

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On the reverse, it shows an increasing violence rate in the neighborhood and the need to beef up security measures.

According to the deceased’s father-in-law, Duncan Road, Westville North has always been a “quiet suburb”, but now fast becoming a “hot spot”.

Orlando Pereira, Mackay’s Father-in-Law, said:

“Gary was an active, social person and to have this happen to him is a tragedy. He was a loving father and husband who always put the needs of his family first. It is so hard for us to accept that he is gone.”

The deceased young man was currently on a special project at his workplace. He also had plans to treat his family to a vacation. All that and more have been lost with his death.

With the sad murder at Duncan Road, Westville, amongst others, it gets all the more evident that more caution should be applied when fighting back criminals.