Who Is Durv, Is That His Real Name, How Old Is He?

Durv is a young internet personality who is otherwise known as the king of clickbait. Before a series of controversies led to the termination of his YouTube channel, the YouTuber was standing tall with a count of over 1.3 million subscribers as of May 2015. He got into the spotlight in 2017 as one of his videos garnered more than 5 million views but his fake free gifts-card scheme dented his image and career which has resulted to him gaining more dislikes to likes on several of his new video uploads.

Since his reinstatement in 2018, he has been able to amass less than a million subscribers as his previous actions seem to have hurt many of his followers who now reacts negatively to his uploads. Durv, on the other hand, has stated that he would be of good behavior and will no longer make videos of free gift cards. He also claimed to have stopped using click-baiting to attract a mass fan following on his channel. Read on to find out more fascinating facts about the YouTuber.

Who is Durv? How Old is He and What is His Real Name?

The polemical internet figure was born as Dylan Adam McEvoy on the 14th of March 2003 in Crawley, England. There is little to no information with regards to the identities of his parents and siblings, except the fact that his brother had a YouTube channel named Finnerz which was closedown in 2018.

Durv is a YouTube personality who launched his channel in July 2016 through the upload of a video titled, Shout-out Sunday #01 – Grow Your Channel, Gain Active Subscribers, where he introduced himself as ItzDurv. In the next year, he made a video titled, My School is Deleting My Channel which ushered him into the spotlight as the video attracted more than 5 million views. The video publicized threats he allegedly got from his teachers who wanted him to stop blogging and equally delete the channel as a result of the kind of content he was uploading. Despite giving rise to many controversial statements, the video gave the youngster publicity.

Afterward, he made more videos with polemical titles which include I am Dropping School on the Age of 13 and My Teacher has a Crush on Me. He also dropped a diss track titled, ‘Commentaries End’ in 2017, which however gained negative reviews. The diss track featured other internet personalities such as PyroCynical, WiIINE, and others who also rapped in the music video which gathered more than 100, 000 views. Having stirred up many controversies on the internet, the music video was deleted but Durv reuploaded it in October 2017 and unsurprisingly, it gained 2,000 dislikes and 282 likes with more than 19,000 views.

Durv and Pyro (image source)

Durv then went on to be at the center of a major controversy following the upload of a video where he claimed to be giving away free gift cards to his subscribers, which was later found to be fake. An individual who made a thorough investigation about the offer revealed that Durv was using a design of the 2012 Xbox Live gift card instead of the 2017 Xbox Live gift card design. He also received heavy criticism for gaining views and subscribers through click-baiting. The series of controversies surrounding him at that period led to the termination of his channel in May 2017 as he was said to have violated the Community Guidelines of YouTube users.

Following his channel’s termination, Durv tried to keep up with his work online by creating various channels like Clash Trend which was also closedown few months after it was launched and Finnerz, his brother’s YouTube channel which he began using in late 2017 but was subsequently terminated in March 2018.

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He has Returned on YouTube and This is What He Does Now

Interestingly, his channel reinstatement occurred a month later, of which he notified his followers with a video titled, I’m Back where he stated that he would no longer make videos about gift cards. He also said that he would be making interesting videos that will definitely be a must-watch.

However, before the closedown of his YouTube channel, he had more than 1.3 million subscribers and over 100 million video views. But since his reinstatement, he has been struggling to attract a huge fan following as his videos often get many dislikes when compared to likes. This has also prompted some people to describe him as one of the “worst kids on YouTube.” Currently, he has gained less than a million subscribers. Durv also gets many negative reactions on his posts which prompted him to delete his first video after reinstatement titled, Kid Cries After Brother Deleted Accounts, very shortly after it was uploaded.

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