Who Is Dytto (Dancer), What Is Her Real Name, How Old Is She?

Over the years, people have gained celebrity status through different forms of arts like acting, singing and hosting but there are still a select few like Dytto who climbed her way to fame through professional dancing. She is popular for her tutting and popping dancing styles which are seen as rare and unique. The American born performer is also a competent model and a known host of the famed music show The Drop. Dytto is equally a known YouTuber who can boast of over two million subscribers on her self-titled channel where she uploads numerous dance videos which usually go viral within a very short time.

With her record in live performances, commercials, and television shows, Dytto has really come a long way from her teenage years when she was just a gymnast and a cheerleader. Today, the professional dancer enjoys a far-reaching recognition as an upcoming star, gaining the admirations of both fans and the viewing public for the uniqueness she exhibits on the dance floor, which led admires to dub her Barbie Girl. The reason behind the name is not just her Barbie-like appearance; it is also attributed to her debut stage performance which was on Barbie Girl Trap Remix.

Who is Dytto – Her Real Name and Age

Her date of birth is the 27th of April 1998 and she was born in Miami Florida. Though popular as Dytto, her given name at birth is Courtney Nicole Kelly, however, the dancing queen has earned the nicknames The Barbie girl and, Dit-Oh through the course of her dancing career.

Nothing is known about the celeb dancer’s father but her mum’s name is Diane Kelly – an Instagram star with way above 5,000 subscribers, Diane fills her page with posts about family, together with her celebrity daughter’s life and career. Dytto is not the only child of her parents; she spent her formative years alongside a supportive older brother named Brandon who grew up to become a pilot. The popular model and dancer has shared some really cute photos she took with Brandon when they were very young. Presently, Dytto is a resident of Los Angeles where she lives a lavish life in her mansion.

Information on her educational background is sadly lacking but, the dancing queen went from a competent gymnast to cheerleading, then to a straight-A student and accelerated her career all the way to a becoming an animation professional dancer in no time at all. She was able to achieve this feat through years of unrelenting training in several dance styles. Animation and popping did not just have a special place in Dytto’s heart; it created a niche for her in the dance community.

In 2014, Dytto was able to live comfortably in Los Angeles California, thanks to her prowess in several dance styles like popping, tutting, robotting, hip-hop as well as finger tutting.

The young dancer is not called Dytto the Barbie Girl for nothing, she made a shocking record on the internet when her debut live performance exceeded 40 million on several platforms, Even Dytto herself expressed shock at the unprecedented success.

She commemorated her birthday with a freestyle on stage to a Barbie Girl Trap Remix. Till date, she has continued to see that particular performance as the best 17th birthday present that has ever come her way.

Relationship History

On the American performer’s relationship history, it is under lock and key, however, her sexuality is perceived to be straight because of the past rumored dalliance between her and Roshon Fagan, but it is not known if they are still together or have parted ways since neither of them have commented on the relationship.

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Dytto’s Body stats

Dytto is rather on the small side with her height listed as 5 feet 3 inches which is the same as 1.60 cm; she has a bodyweight of 55 kg or 120 pounds that is just a perfect match for her height. Her body measurements are 32-25-34 inches. She has long black and curly hair with hazel blue-grey eyes.

Social Media Profile

Dytto has a lot of presence on social media platforms, apart from Instagram where she has amassed over 3.7 million, the celeb dancer and host is also active on Twitter with more than 98.6 K following. Besides, she is a known YouTuber and also operates a Facebook account.

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