Easy Ways To Check Vodacom Balance, Recharge Airtime and Transfer Credit

Getting to know the data, airtime, and SMS balance on your Vodacom line has never been easier. The service provider has made available various methods that work and can be used in different situations.

Vodacom has also found a way to bring high-quality and ease to the process of topping up your line with airtime. One of their better products is the ability to transfer credit from one Vodacom line to another, in the event that you purchased more airtime than you actually need.

Available Ways To Check Vodacom Airtime Balance

Vodacom subscribers now have several ways to ascertain their airtime balance. These available ways can be easily accessed anywhere you are at no cost at all. The steps for each of these ways are outlined below:

1. Via USSD

If you are on the prepaid Vodacom plan you can quickly and easily check your balance by using the shortcode *135#. This is the easiest way to check your Airtel Kenya airtime balance; you also do not need to be connected to the internet to use this method. All you need to do include:

  • Open the dialer on your phone and type *135#.
  • If your phone is a dual SIM phone, do ensure that you select the Vodacom SIM for the code you have dialed before sending.
  • After sending the USSD code, a dialog box with instruction pops up, select 1.
  • Then wait for few seconds for your airtime balance to be displayed.

2. Via My Vodacom App

To be able to check your Vodacom balance on the Vodacom app, you need to download the app first, and if you do not have the app, you can download it at the Vodacom website, Google Play Store, or Apple Store.

For new users, you need to register your profile but old users of the app can simply log in by entering their username and password. After you log in, navigate to ‘Check balance’ and a summary of your airtime, data, and SMS balances will be displayed on the home screen.

3. Via Vodacom Website 

Vodacom subscribers can also decide to check their airtime balances directly online by logging into the Vodacom website with their username and password (for registered members). If you are yet to register, there is an option to do so. Just click on the ‘Register’ button and follow the instructions.

When you have access to the My Vodacom page, select the option to view balance. A summary of your airtime balance will be displayed.

4. Contacting The Customer Care Unit

Vodacom customer care unit can also be contacted in case you are having any challenges in accessing your airtime balance. The general number to contact the Vodacom customer care unit is 135. If you are calling from a network other than Vodacom dial 082135 (for those in South Africa) whereas those outside South Africa can speak with a Vodacom agent by dial 0027 82 135.

Once your call goes through to the customer care agent, simply make your request known to them. They will provide the information you are seeking.

How Do I Recharge My Vodacom Line?

Fulfilling its easy service initiative, Vodacom has made available multiple channels from which you can recharge your Vodacom line and they are listed below:

  1. By dialing 136 from your phone: This method is done using your Vodacom SIM. Once you have dialed 136, follow the voice prompts. This call is toll-free.
  2. Use the USSD code: You can use the USSD code (*136#) for airtime purchases. Dial this and you would be able to recharge your phone.
  3. Via Vodacom App: The My Vodacom App is also an option and all you need to do is simply log in and click on the “Buy” icon. You will be able to buy airtime for your line or any other line.
  4. Buying a Voucher from a Vendor: Another alternative is to buy a physical voucher from a vendor. The voucher will display the value of the airtime and a recharge pin. Dial *100*01*Recharge PIN# from your Vodacom cell phone and send. Your line will be credited immediately with the value of the airtime you purchased.
  5. Using The Till Slip Voucher: A till slip voucher can be bought from any retailer.

Transferring Airtime From One Phone to Another

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There are a number of ways to transfer airtime from one Vodacom line to another one. The price of the airtime transfer will be charged to your account if you are a contract user and if you are not, it will be deducted from your airtime. To use this service, you need to have the amount you wish to transfer in your airtime balance. Please note also, that you can only transfer up to 80% of your airtime balance and the process is entirely free. Here we detail some of the ways you can do this:

1. Using A USSD Code

For this method ensure that you have the person’s number at hand before you start the process.

Step 1: Open your phone’s dialer and enter *135#.

Step 2: A series of commands will follow, choose the option that says “advance & transfers.”

Step 3: You will be required to provide the number you want to make the transfer to, do that.

Step 4: A notification that your transfer was successful will follow shortly after you have sent the recipient’s number.

2. Using My Vodacom App

Using the Vodacom app is also another easy way to share airtime with other people. The following procedure will be necessary for this method:

  • First, launch the app on your phone and log in using your username and password.
  • Once you are have gained access to the page, select airtime transfer.
  • Proceed to type in the number you want to transfer the airtime to.
  • Then enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Send the details to complete the transaction.

Can I Transfer Airtime from Vodacom to Other Networks?

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The norm for airtime transfer is that the exchange can only be done between people who use the same network. However for Vodacom, all of their customers – Contract, Prepaid, and Top-up – can make use of this service and transfer to other networks, and this is at no cost.

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