Easy Ways To Request For and Have Your NSS Certificate Delivered To Your Doorstep

The Ghanaian National Service Scheme has made it easier for enrollees who have completed the program to collect their NSS certificates. You only need to visit their official website, follow the required steps,, and boom; your certificate will be delivered to your doorstep. However, we must bear in mind that a token fee of 31.52 Ghana Cedis must be paid for your request to be processed and some easy steps must be completed to get the process in motion.

What is NSS Certificate?

The Ghanaian government launched the National Service Scheme also known as NSS to extend activities at the tertiary education level in a bid to groom the youths into community service as they are studying in various academic institutions. Students who participated in the NSS are entitled to a certificate evidencing that they completed the scheme. Having this certificate shows that the enrollees have acquired the needed knowledge and skills, and are ready to go into the economic world as responsible men and women.

The scheme offers participants a good opportunity to help and empathize with the poor in the society. The underprivileged that inhabit the slums and villages benefit too. Volunteers in NSS will also be exposed to training, equipping themselves as tomorrow’s leaders, as well as decision-makers.

NSS certificate is very important in interview sessions for UPSC aspirants; this is the kind of interview created to judge candidates for the civil service on various parameters.

How Can I Get MY NSS Certificate Delivered To My Doorstep?

To get your NSS certificate delivered to your doorstep, just follow the simple steps;

  • Go to NSS official website.
  • To continue, verify your National Service Scheme number, then press continue.
  • Those who have forgotten their NSS numbers can click the displayed message, “Don’t know your NSS number? Search below”
  • The required information to be filled in includes your full name, National Service Scheme number, region of service, GPS address, institution attended, then click on enter.
  • You will be permitted to navigate to the next stage which is called the “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation”. At this stage, your consent is needed to release info from Educational Records; giving your consent means appending your signature on the provided field.
  • Next is the preview stage where you will be permitted to check if all the provided information is accurate.
  • From there, you navigate to the payment stage; to pay for your NSS certificate to be delivered, you can either use MTN Mobile Money or Express.
  • With payment made, you will be requested to approve the payment through your mobile money account.
  • Once this is confirmed, your NSS certificate is ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

How Much Does it Cost to Request for NSS Certificate and Which Method of Payment is Approved?

People who wish to request for their NSS certificates should bear in mind that they have to part with a token of 31.52 Ghana Cedis for their request to be processed. The process comes thus;

  • Once your NSS certificate request procedure is at the payment stage, you will need to select your preferred payment platform; the available options are just two – there is MTN Mobile Money and there is Express.
  • If you are going for MTN Mobile Money, go to the drop-down menu to verify the cost of the certificate which is currently pegged at 31.52 Ghana Cedis.
  • Key in your MTN Mobile Money number and click the “Pay with MTN Mobile Money” button.
  • The payment approval page will be displayed on your screen, requesting that you access your mobile money wallet to approve the transaction.
  • Once it is approved, hit on the “Verify” button
  • In case the verify button is not visible, just refresh the page or reload and the approval takes effect.
  • The concluding stage is the one that pops up a congratulatory message, alerting the user that payment has been received and request order successfully submitted.

Steps to Take While Approving Transactions with MTN Mobile Money

NSS Certificate
Make payment using MTN Mobile Money image source

• Dial *170# and pick option 7, My Wallet
• For my “Approvals”, pick option 3
• Your PIN is required to enter your “Pending Approval List”
• To approve, select “Pending Transaction”
• Transaction approval is done by selecting option 1, YES

Who Is Entitled To Get An NSS Certificate?

  • Graduates from local tertiary institutions in Ghana
  • Graduates from overseas tertiary institutions who are of Ghanaian origin
  • The scheme commences from the 11th standard, thus, a 7th or 8th-grade student cannot qualify
  • Ghanaian youths from age 18 and above
  • More recently, eligibility has been restricted to those who have completed 18 years and above upon the completion of their first diploma or degree.

Benefits Of Participating In The Ghana NSS

Yes, there is a lot to gain for people who have completed their National Service Scheme and obtained their NSS certificate. Some of the benefits are listed below;

  • Having an NSS certificate benefits the individual growth of graduates and also impacts them as a group.
  • With an NSS certificate, graduates will have the confidence to forge ahead.
  • Students who undergo the Ghanaian National Service Scheme develop leadership skills and qualities, helping them to excel in life.
  • People who have completed their NSS are exposed to knowledge about their environment and people.
  • NSS helps youths to build up a remarkable democratic attitude.
  • It also helps in the development of civic and social responsibilities.
  • Individuals with NSS certificate tend to have a better understanding of the roles society expects them to play.
  • Having an NSS certificate is a good indication that you have been equipped with the competence to handle emergency situations, including natural disasters.
  • Service personnel who passed through NSS can leverage their acquired skills and knowledge in researching and proffering practical and lasting solution to individual problems and that of the community.
  • NSS also exposes youths to knowledge about sharing responsibility and they also develop abilities that will aid them in performing better at team work.
  • Holders of NSS certificate acquire organizational skills that can be leveraged in organizing community participation whenever the need arises.
  • Enrollees in NSS learn things like punctuality, discipline, hard work, and teamwork.
  • The community service that participants are exposed to during the National Service Scheme aids in developing their personality.
  • Fresh graduates who passed through NSS will get what is referred to as “on the job” experience from the public and private sectors. Such individuals will have a head start in the labor market.

List of the Requirements One Has to Meet to Get the Certificate

  • Before you can get an NSS certificate in Ghana, you must have completed your one year (12 months) of National service, including seven days special camp set up in an adopted village.
  • Your annual assessment form must have been properly filled; this contains a fair assessment of your performance by your immediate supervisor located in the User Agency where you served.
  • The assessment forms that were filled on your behalf must have been submitted to the different district offices of NSS where the agency is sited.
  • Upon the completion of your service, you have to visit the NSS portal to apply for the delivery of your certificate.
  • Your NSS number will be requested to proceed and you must provide other information like your area of residence; this includes closest landmarks, city of residence and region, GPS digital address, and your current residential address.
  • Finally, you must make payments for the certificate to be delivered to you.


Can I have my NSS certificate delivered to my doorstep?

Yes, your NSS certificate can be delivered to your doorstep, just visit the designated website and follow the steps.

How much does one need to pay to collect their NSS certificate?

A token of 31.52 cedis is all you need.

What means can I use to effect payment for NSS certificate?

You can only leverage two platforms to pay for your NSS certificate, Express, or MTN Mobile Money.

Can I collect the NSS certificate before the completion of my service year?

No, it is only after the completion of the service that an NSS certificate can be issued.

Can non-indigenes of Ghana participate in NSS?

No, the scheme is only meant for Ghanaian citizens.

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