Eboni Williams Bio – Husband, Parents and Whereabouts of the Former FOX Co-host

The African American Born public defender, Eboni Williams is so many things, depending on what you are looking at. She is an attorney, radio talk show host, news and sports correspondent and also a co-host of the television show Specialists among other things. Williams is also a best-selling author with many notable books written by her. Here is all you need to know about the former FOX co-host.

Eboni Williams’ Bio and Age

The sensational TV host was born in one of the most populous cities in America, Charlotte, North Carolina on the 9th of September 1983 as Eboni Kiuhnna Williams. It is obvious that her ethnicity is African while she is a full citizen of the USA. Nothing is known about Williams’ high school education.

However, she had her college education at the prestigious private-owned law school – Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans where she bagged a degree as a Juris Doctor (J.D). Besides this, she also has a bachelor degree in Communication and African American Studies to her educational cap which she earned from the University of North Carolina.

Immediately after her studies, she clinched for herself an internship position with the Louisiana Attorney General Office where she carried out clerical duties and provided legal counsels. From thereon, she moved on into private law practice with a specialty in litigations, divorces, and family-related matters.

By 2008, her status rose to a public defender, where she represented people on Federal offenses, rape, drugs, sex, even homicides cases among others. She went into private practice in 2010 and continued representing people across the North Carolina and Los Angeles axis in various criminal cases and rendering legal counsels where they were sought for by her clients.

The beautiful lady also veered into the mass media and served as a correspondent for CBS and also had her commentaries on headlines/breaking news with the renown TV News personality Bill O’Reilly, while at the same time, anchoring a segment on the Los Angeles Radio station KFI AM640.

When an opportunity opened up at the Fox News Channel for hosts, Eboni Williams was among the 3 Fox Channel employees to be considered for the job due to her knowledge, flair, and versatility. She became co-host of The Five and The Specialists along with the former colleagues, Katherine Timpf and Eric Bolling. She indeed contributed meaningfully to the show and her prowess as a political analyst was brought to the fore for all to see.

By June 2017, Williams lent her services to the WABC in co-anchoring their short spanned afternoon talk show alongside famed Curtis Sliwa. The show came to an abrupt end in October 2017.

Besides all the above, Eboni Williams also had a short stint as a model and actress. She has featured in three movies like Against The Grain, Mean Mr. Greene, and Crossing Thresholds. She equally wrote and published the best selling book entitled Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success in 2016.

She is extremely a private person as such there is no mention or records of her salary or net worth as of now but it is safe to speculate that perhaps with her flourishing career and accomplishments as the best selling author, she must be worth a tangible sum.

Who Are Her Parents?

There is no mention of who her father is, but one thing we know is that she was single-handedly trained and nurtured by her hardworking entrepreneur mother who she spares no time talking about.

Although she constantly gushes over her mother in every given opportunity, her name remains elusive as Eboni Williams has never really mentioned or revealed what the names of her parents. One clear fact, however, is that her mother’s diligent efforts have paid off and that Eboni Williams did not need a father figure while growing up because her mother fulfilled both roles in her life and directed toward the best path to tow in life.

Does She Have A Husband?

Eboni Williams
Eboni Williams and Gray Sandy Image Source

There are no records of who Eboni Williams may have dated or secretly married to. The only story we have in relation to a relationship is when she uploaded the picture of Gray Sandy, her former classmate from Northwest School of Arts in December 2015 on her Instagram and Facebook page.

She referred to him as a friend and praised and congratulated him on his career progress after he was featured in the movie The Color Purple. The pair looked adorable in their picture together, however, it is not clear if there is some emotional chemistry between them other than a platonic friendship.

Eboni Williams may be very private our her family and personal life but her social media handles are abuzz with activities especially her Instagram (39.2k), Twitter (73.1k), and where she is constantly posting various activities she has been up to. Our ears are twitching to know who the lucky man in her life, we hope she unveils him soonest.

Body Measurements 

Eboni Williams is no doubt a beautiful woman with black shiny hair and eyes. She is one-inch shorter than the average female height as she is measured at 5 feet 2 inches (1.55 m) while her weight is said to be 54 kilograms (119 lb). Her other body measurements are 33-24-36 (bust-waist-hips) inches.

Where is Eboni Williams Now?

Since leaving FOX news, and towards the end of 2018, Eboni Williams uploaded her newly created website Ebonikwilliams.com, where she could be contacted for events – either as a host or a speaker – among other things. She has been seen attending and giving speeches at various events; including the CultureCon event that held in October 2018. She also served as a judge in a North Carolina Teen Pageant.


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