Malema Blames Whites For Unemployment, Illiteracy & Drug Abuse

EFF leader has blamed the rates of unemployment, illiteracy and drug abuse, on whites.

Vibrant Julius Malema is still in the business of black empowerment. Call him racist but he insists that South Africa and everything in it belongs to black south Africans.

As he campaigns to be the President-elect of the country, he has dished out series of black-friendly moves and targets. The most striking of his mission is to ensure that lands return to blacks whom he says were the original owners before the imperialist interfered.

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Malema boldly states that the whites were responsible for the unemployment, illiteracy and drug abuse which black people face. He went on to warn of a pending “outburst”.

Without mincing words, he says that whites have destroyed black lives.

“We’re unemployed because of them. We’re dying of diseases because of them. We’re illiterate because of them. We’ve surrendered to drugs because of you. You owe us a lot.”

“One day we’re going to have an outburst.”

Malema said this during the party’s commemoration of the deceased Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro.

According to the EFF leader who says that President Zuma has no right to mourn Fidel Castro, his model and vision of South Africa is exactly what Fidel did for Cuba.

On that note Malema says only the EFF has the right to celebrate Castro’s life and not the ANC.

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He noted that through Castro’s socialist policies, unemployment in Cuba went down to 3% while literacy accelerated to 93%.

Malema also attributed SA’s victory against apartheid to Fidel Castro.

“If it was not because of Fidel Castro, most African countries were not going to be liberated. It was the people of Cuba who deliberately came to help African people to liberate themselves.”