Egypt Annuls Red Sea Islands’ Transfer To Saudi Arabia

An Egyptian judge has trashed the Egypt-Saudi deal on the red sea islands’ transfer. The court ruled that the Egyptian government will retain the control of both islands.

In April, Egypt’s president, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi literally handed 2 red sea islands to Saudi Abrabia on a silver platter. The deal erupted controversies and series of protests.

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During a 5-day visit by Saudi Arabian King Salman, the Egyptian president willingly declared a transfer of Tiran and Sanafir islands to him. Both had signed a deal that will found the commencement of the age-old red sea bridge initiative. President al-Sisi also endorsed that the bridge be named after King Salman.

On Tuesday, Egypt’s State Council ruled against the proposed maritime borders agreement between Cairo and Riyadh. The administrative court issued a verdict that puts an automatic halt to the red sea deals

Egyptians did not let the proposed island transfer slip for a moment. They attacked and rejected it out-rightly. Over 150 people were arrested and confined during the protests. Report says that many have however been released and acquitted.

The people criticized the move by the government. They accused him of “selling” the islands. It is said that the president wanted to return the financial favours from the Middle East nation with the Islands.

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Despite the new rule, the Egyptian government still intends to contest the annulment. The president claims that the red sea islands in question belonged to Saudi Arabia from time immemorial.

The Tiran and Sanafir Islands are both uninhabited and located at strategic points. They are located at the Gulf of Aqaba; a region bothered by Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Khaled Ali, a human right’s attorney and a past Egyptian presidential candidate dragged the government to court over the red sea islands’ transfer.

The court on Tuesday made the pronouncement that the islands which are about 4 km from each other is in Egypt’s control till further notice. Egyptians could not have been more at peace with the verdict.